Add Achievement for Correct Spam Report

Add Achievement for Correct Spam Report



 Aug 02 2022
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Achievement is a fun way to show you are active in the forum and did something. It would be nice if you could add Achievement badge for those who reported spam posts and they consider as spam and has been blocked. It could be like when a user reports a number of correct spam (they verified as spam and removed), then they receive this achievement. It is not about number of reports but rather number of correct reports. This will motivate other users to report spams and help community to become smarter.

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I would not like such a badge to be visible on my profile!

This can cause prejudice, and I also don't understand why it would encourage spam reporting?

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Not sure why you worry, this is just a way to motivate, and people will try to receive badge and try to report. Note it only will give to correct report and it is not like if you send multiple reports, you will get the badge. In addition, it is a way to show you are working to make community healthier. 

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I happen to think it is a great idea that may prove results. I'm very badge oriented lol

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I happen to like your idea as well! Maybe they could taks a step further and allow people to give badges to others for kindness or appreciation for someone's help! 

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Love the feedback here, unfortunately at this time we technically can't do this. We love that you all help report inappropriate content and the effort you go to keep the Microsoft Tech Community a healthy enviroment for all.