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In Yammer we do have a set of open APIs and tools that enable you to leverage Yammer’s social services for apps.



How can I get the permission in the '' community to use the Lithium REST API calls with read access? Currently I got 'User 1800 does not have the following permission(s) at gxcuf89792:[allow_restapi_call_read ]'

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Technically I wouldn't say this was a Yammer question. Most about accessing APIs from the new o365 community site. Looks like there is an RSS feed option - maybe best to start there? Or adjust this post to move to another group as it might get missed.

Thank you @Rich Burdes, I am not looking for an RSS feed option. I moved the group to Community Management.

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Hello, at this point we are not opening up the API for the community, however we'll add this as a request to our log. 


That said- personally I'm going to miss your data word clouds and visualizations immensly! Perhaps there's another solution we can think of... 

And for questions/feedback about this community (as opposed to community in general), we have an Idea Exchange (like UserVoice) here: and a Group here:

And, moving this conversation to the Community Discussion and Questions group

Although MS will not open the REST API in the new office network (Lithium based) for the community, I found out that there are 4007 registered users in this office network until now. There is a kind of Kindergarten gamification within this network where you will earn badges for various actions. Until today the following user earned the most batches:

:thumbs_up: 13-Michael Holste has earned 18 badges!

:thumbs_up: 12-Anna Chu has earned 17 badges!

:thumbs_up: 49-Amy Dolzine has earned 17 badges!

:thumbs_up: 82-Simon Denton has earned 17 badges!

:thumbs_up: 179-Lana O' brien has earned 17 badges!

:thumbs_up: 27-formermember1 has earned 16 badges!

:thumbs_up: 60-Juan Carlos González Martín has earned 16 badges!

:thumbs_up: 637-Brent Ellis has earned 16 badges!