Microsoft Tech Community - July 5 Release (Profile Page update)

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You may have noticed that there is a new look to the profile pages.  When you click on your own profile or the profile pages of others, you'll notice you can do more things than in the previous view.  Here is a list of the changes you'll noticed at a glance:


Profile Pages July 5.jpg

  1. You will continue to see your name, your role and the name of the company you work for at the top of the profile page
  2. You can instantly send a private message (will be sent to their private inbox) or follow an individual member in the Tech Community
  3. Instantly see your current Tech Community stats based on number of posts, likes received, number of your replies marked as 'Best Responses' and number of subscriptions
  4. Presence of the member online at the Tech Community (if green, probably a good time to message them to get a quicker response)
  5. Information the member has themselves disclosed about their location and social media channels.  Date they joined the Tech Community is also shared here
  6. A brief self-written bio of the member
  7. Tabs to see their activity feed, achievements (badges earnt), who their followers are and who they are following
  8. Under the 'Activity' tab, you can discern between Conversations they've started, Conversations they've replied to, or all the conversations they are involved in
  9. See who they have given likes to or who sent them likes.

Here is a list of future plans we have for the profile pages:

  • A drop-down list posts where you have @mentions
  • A view where you can see the communities the member or yourself have joined
  • A view where you can see the spaces the member or yourself have favourited.

These changes are part of an effort to make the Tech Community a place where you can showcase your expertise on Microsoft technologies and help you make connections to IT Pros across the planet.  Let us know what you think by replying to this post!


You found a bug @Cian Allner!  Thanks so much we'll get on it.

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Glad that helped, another thing I noticed, the subscriptions number looks wrong.  I have 300 or more subscriptions I think but it is showing the same figure as best responses instead (also in your screenshot), which looks like another bug?


EDIT - I noticed the Bios auto-populating with a placeholder like this one "I am a Frequent Contributor on the Microsoft Tech Community". I thought mine didn't have one but then I tried a browser where I wasn't logged in and it appeared. Finally, the smiley renders differently in Chrome compared to Edge by the way


Chrome                                       Edge


Chrome.png Edge.png

Yes, that's good idea to have available information plus ways to communicate with person at one place in more or less compact form.


Just few cosmetics

1) That will be great if to add the option to see My Activities in compact form and ability to sort the list in desirable order. Plus pagination - 'Show more' button which adds another 3-4 conversation is not very useful. Especially for people who has hundreds and thousands posts.


2) Not sure why "I am a... " is added by default to bio section, no additional info with it. Perhaps since very few people care to add the bio to their profiles. But in some cases it looks some strange: "I am a Microsoft on the Microsoft TechComm"


3) Recent likes -> View All no way to navigate back on person profile.

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@Nicolás Ortiz: Thanks for the note!


Looks like you're referencing Technet, which is separate from the Tech Community here. The Tech Community does have a spam filter. 


No filter is perfect, but I think if you search "Full Movie Watch," on the top right of the community, you won't find any mentions.

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Awesome feedback, all! We just pushed a minor update that should resolve the bugs. Thank you for your input to help shape our community experience.
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Look great is there are you guys already working on visibility of unread items? the difference is not viewable.



Yes, unread posts shall the highest priority to implement, all the rest is much less critical. Perhaps except mobile client, but it looks like this one is posponed for a long while.

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Thanks for the "conversations I've started" that I suggested a while ago! Unfortunately it only shows a few, as already mentioned above.

Today the notification menu is broken however:


That's on IE btw, but same issue on Edge. Too lazy to test other browsers :)


Yes we're definitely working on this.  We can actually see it as admins (so we know it works!) and we're working to get this turned on for all members.


Credit goes to you Ivan!  And we fixed a bunch of fixes to this page yesterday so you should see a 'Show more' button at the end of your profile page.  I've noticed a bug that it doesn't load after the second click - we're working on ironing this bug out.

Not seeing this in Edge or IE @Vasil Michev - are you using a version of IE older than IE 11?

Works on my site - Edge, Vivaldi

The 'Show more' button hang is now fixed.

@Anna Chu, not exactly - e.g. Show More hangs on your profile, works on my own and one more profile i checked. 

Hmm it was definitely working this afternoon but I just tested it now and can verify what you're seeing. Will get on it!

OK, the notifications issue seems to be fixed now, guess a temporary glitch :)

3) Recent likes -> View All no way to navigate back on person profile.

Recognized what View All shows your own likes, not for the person which profile you are checking. Not obvious.

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With regards to earning badges under achievements:

I like that when you earn a badge it tells you why. It's also cool that you can view other people's achievements to see how they earned them on this new release. 

I've seen a few posts and have been asked myself a few times what the full list of achievements are, and how someone would earn them. Does a list of them exist anywhere @Anna Chu or @Michael Holste?


It is sad to see that TechNet Achievements members might have earned over years ar not reflected in any kind in Tech Community. The way I see it, Tech Community is going to be replacing parts of TechNet, that's why I guess valued TechNet contributors of the past might not be too happy with this Transition.


What's a BVS Coach Badge and a 100k Milestone Badge? -- Thanks.

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What's a BVS Coach Badge


Community Manager

The BVS Coach Badge is an internal Microsoft role for a private community. The 100K Milestone badge was given to users present when we hit 100,000 users. 

What does this BVS mean really? Just noticed it :\



EDIT: Now it dissappeared? :\

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@adam deltinger: Sorry, but I'm not able to elaborate further beyond it being an internal Microsoft role for a private community. 

@Eric Starker 

I’ll have to live with that then :)


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coole sache thx

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und vor allen wie bekomme ich den wieder los?

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I think this gentleman's answer, which really doesn't give an answer to the question asked is extremely sub-par & rude! I'm a novice but lately 10 hour a day PC user & was just also recently awarded a BSV Coach Badge. The question was: What is a BSV Coach Badge? A man, Eric Starker who's a Community Manager 1st answered "The BVS Coach Badge is an internal Microsoft role for a private community. The 100K Milestone badge was given to users present when we hit 100,000 users". Then when a man asked again: "What is a BVS Coach Badge" Eric answered, "Sorry, but I'm not able to elaborate further beyond it being an internal Microsoft role for a private community". Answered on 10/10/18. (Today is 12/20/19. Not able to elaborate any further? What is it Top Secret? It can't be because I was just awarded one & I don't have any special Microsoft Clearances to my knowledge. That is one of the RUDEST ANSWERS I have ever heard in my 20+ years using Microsoft Products. Also, I own & operate a Passenger Transportation Service which uses Buses a/k/a Coaches & It leaves me wondering if Microsoft awarded me some kind of Industry Award! It's confusing the heck out of me for hours now. What is a BVS Coach Badge & how did I earn it? TERRIBLE way to answer a question & I hope many agree. Respectfully, Barry

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@dadybear1234 ,


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have reviewed your comment and checked our audit logs and I can not see anyone being granted the BVS Coach badge since September 2019. If you have a profile that has this badge or role I would request you send me a private message with the profile id / screenshot to allow us to investigate further. 


I am sorry you found @Eric Starker reply rude however I can confirm that his reply shares as much information as we can about this Internal program and is appropriate to the question that was asked.

If you have any further queries on this matter please do not hesitate to drop me a private message.


Kind regards


Allen Smith

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I can't right now figure out how to send you a private message & when I hit the magnifying glass to research it, it keeps collapsing & won't let me look up the proper procedure to do so. I don't suppose you can send me a few line of text telling me how to send someone,  anyone a private message? 



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Sure thing!


First, click on the name of the user (in this case AS).


That will open a user profile page (in the case of Allen, it's this page).


On the top right of that page, there is a button which says "Message" (above Follow and Ignore).


Click the Message button, and you'll be sending Allen a private message.





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I now understand. I'm suffering from an illness that when I read something my brain sometimes interprets it in a different way. I'm sorry if I said anything negative about Eric Stalker or Allen Smith! It's called Hepatic Encephalopathy. Hopefully, I will make it in time (the organ waiting list) & get the Liver Transplant, recover & my thinking. my mind, memory & overall brain functioning will go back to normal!

*PS: I'm not sure if my last post went out successfully so I'm asking all "important people" who can see these two messages: I am a novice. I'm a successful businessman but definitely not an IT person. My Important question is, do I even belong in this Tech Community? #1: I won't be able to help anybody out with anything computer related (most likely) until I at least recover from my Transplant. Unless of course I just bumped into the same exact problem & just fixed it or figured it out myself. #2: Again I'm a novice and in no way near a programmer or an IT person. Did I make a mistake in joining this type of community? Please let me know!



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@dadybear1234 ,


First of all let me pass on our teams best wishes and hopes for your transplant, although I appreciate how much of a roller coaster it can be waiting for any sort of transplant.


On the Microsoft Tech Community, everyone is important as every member plays a vital part in our community, from the newest members all the way up to the community managers and beyond to teams of people you do not see. We hope that you, and anyone else, feel like you belong here and you will use the Microsoft Tech Community to learn new things and help you remember other things - cos there are way to many things out there to remember.


I do not see a PM from you so what I am going to do is send you a PM myself, if you just reply to that with what I asked for above I will take a look into it for you.


All the best for 2020


Allen Smith

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