Teams Connectors Actionable Message throwing Target URL Not Found

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I had developed a Microsoft Teams connector for our application, that can post requests from MS-Teams Message cards to our application, but since yesterday the Actionable messages are failing with the exception  { displayMessage: "<p>Target URL is not allowed.</p>\n", errorCode: "InvalidTargetUrlException" }


This error is not just applicable to our connector, but other published connectors like Trello's and Incoming Web hook Connectors.

I realise there was an update with MS-Teams yesterday, did that in someway made changes to the connector actionable messages?

Expecting a response at the earliest possible.


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@BaluVijayaKumar - We tried sending cards with Action.OpenUrl/Action.ShowCard via incoming webhook. Cards are posted successfully. Below is the card that we posted. 


                "type": "TextBlock",
                "text": "For Samples and Templates, see []("
            "actions": [
      "type": "Action.OpenUrl",
      "title": "Action.OpenUrl",
      "url": ""


Can you confirm if you are still facing this issue, if yes can you please share the JSON that you tried to send?