Missing "Add" button in custom app

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I created a custom MS Teams app and tried to install it to MS Teams. After installing and clicking it, there is no "Add" button like there usually is.


The app policies are set correctly and it's not the first time we've done this.


Any idea why this could happen? Is it a permission issue or something with the App package?


Thank you :)

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@roybartal - We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.
@roybartal - We tried to repro this issue from our end, We are able to add custom apps with the following steps:-
1.Log in to the Teams client with your Microsoft 365 development account.
2.Select Apps and choose Upload a custom app.
3.Select your app package .zip file. An install dialog displays. Screenshot showing an example of a Teams app install dialog.
4.Add your app to Teams.

Could you please confirm if you are following these steps? Could you please share steps you followed so that we can repro it at our end.