Access team meeting chat before the meeting starts when created using API

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Hi, I am creating an event using Event API - and creating a teams meeting using online meeting API - But the participants are unable to start the chat in teams before the meeting is started. Participants can start the chat if I manually create a meeting from the team's calendar. Please guide me on how I can enable the participants to start the chat before the meeting is started. I have the following flags set when create the online meeting - 

allowMeetingChat: "enabled",
shareMeetingChatHistoryDefault: "all",
allowedPresenters: "everyone",


Participants are seeing this error -



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@Shubham5 - Thanks for reporting your issue. Could you please let us know which API are you using? Is it event API or online meeting API?
In order to create meeting in calendar you have to create event as an online meeting using below API


Prefer: outlook.timezone="Pacific Standard Time"
Content-type: application/json

"subject": "Let's go for lunch",
"body": {
"contentType": "HTML",
"content": "Does noon work for you?"
"start": {
"dateTime": "2017-04-15T12:00:00",
"timeZone": "Pacific Standard Time"
"end": {
"dateTime": "2017-04-15T14:00:00",
"timeZone": "Pacific Standard Time"
"displayName":"Harry's Bar"
"attendees": [
"emailAddress": {
"name": "Samantha Booth"
"type": "required"
"allowNewTimeProposals": true,
"isOnlineMeeting": true,
"onlineMeetingProvider": "teamsForBusiness"

Ref Doc:

@Shubham5 - Could you please confirm is your issue resolved or are you still facing this issue?