Storage Spaces Direct Management Pack (S2D) error in SCOM fixed in UR7

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If you are running into error below after installing S2D Management pack and trying to add a new group, then you will be happy to know what we have fixed this issue in SCOM 2016 UR7. Please install the fix from


S2D error.PNG


Below is the stack trace of the error.

S2D error1.PNG



Hope this helps.




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Does this MP work for S2D on Server 2019 / SCOM 2019?

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I'm seeing the same issue after updating a SCOM 1807 to SCOM 2019. :sad:


@MalteSc , this should work with SCOM 2019 and WS 2019. We are going to release the next version of this MP tentatively Jan 2020. Next version will support monitoring of physical drives, nodes and much more. 

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Hi Nea, 

I have this issue on SCOM 2019 and the fix discussed in the posts cannot be installed on SCOM 2019 :sad:

Do you have news about an update to resolve this issue or an updated MP (even in preview) version for SCOM 2019? 

Maybe a workaround? :smile:


Thank You very mauch for your feedback, 

Jeff from France (MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management) 


@JeffAprea, fix for 2019 will be released with 2019 UR1 early next year. Please send me your email address and I can share the DLL with you to unblock you.

Hi @NehaGarg, thank you so much for your solution. I really appreciate that :smile:

My emails (personal and pro):


Waiting for this DLL to test asap! I'll send you feedback :happyface:

Have a nice day, 

Jeff from France 





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@NehaGarg - I am using SCOM 2019 and facing this issue, could you please share the solution with me?

SCOM team have released a CTP version of Storage Spaces Direct MP which monitors S2D cluster on WS2016 and WS 2019. This MP monitors different component of S2D clusters including Storage Node, Storage Pool, Physical Disks and much more.. Please find this at along with the guide which highlights the new functionalities added to this MP.

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