MPViewer, OverrideExplorer, ProxySettings - Boris’s OpsMgr Tools Updated
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 20, 2012
Over the years, Boris has released a set of phenomenal tools, that saved lives of OpsMgr administrators quite some time in performing common OpsMgr tasks in OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2..

Anyhow, Boris has moved to another team within Microsoft. In order to not let those tools go to waste, since I know many people use them, I have asked him to give me the code of his tools and allow me to update and maintain those tools going forward.

And so I did: I updated a couple of his tools to work with OpsMgr 2012, and also implemented a couple new features in MPViewer (MPB support, Unseal MPs) and in OverrideExplorer (Excel export) and I also fixed a few bugs here and there.

I actually did post those updated tools a while ago on my blog , but I am reposting here since some people have missed those and kept asking.

I will keep that page on my blog up-to-date with new versions and fixes, whenever I make them…. so make sure you bookmark that page and refer to it to grab the latest versions. Please reach out over there for comments and bug reports as well.

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