Introducing Surface Pro 10 & Surface Laptop 6: AI PCs built for business
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For over a decade, Microsoft has embarked on a mission to bring together our sophisticated software capabilities with innovative hardware solutions. We've collaborated with businesses, IT professionals, end users and executives at different levels in various industries across the world to refine our portfolio and deliver powerful tools and experiences that help people be more productive.


Today, we're introducing our latest devices, built exclusively for business, the Microsoft Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6. We designed these products from the ground up with direct input from our business customers, incorporating requested features ranging from enhanced connectivity options to advanced security and performance capabilities. These are our first AI PCs powered by the newest Intel® Core Ultra processors, with a brand-new CPU and GPU, as well as an integrated neural processing unit - or NPU – for efficiently delivering AI acceleration. Engineered to work seamlessly with Copilot1 and Windows 11 Pro, Surface Pro 10 when paired with the new Surface Pro Keyboard and Surface Laptop 6 introduce a dedicated Copilot key2 that makes accessing generative AI experiences a click away.


To further empower our IT pros and admins, we're also announcing updates to our Surface Management Portal, a new Surface IT Toolkit app that brings together our important IT tools, and more. Let's take a look.


Designed with zero-trust, from chip to cloud

The new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 have Zero Trust security built-in from chip to cloud. As Secured-core PCs, they use the best from Windows 11 Pro and advanced hardware features to help protect the device, your identity and data. Core to our design, we use built-in capabilities across hardware, firmware, and software - deployed and managed by cloud tools like Microsoft Intune3 to enable class-leading protection while removing complexity.


To further enhance our hardware security options, Surface Pro 10 now includes near field communication (NFC) to facilitate secure, multi-factor authentication. Additionally, select models of the Surface Laptop 6 offer optional integrated smart card readers.4 Both devices also come with Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security, which adds an extra layer of protection by using specialized hardware and software to isolate and safeguard authentication data and ensure its secure transmission.


NFC-based authentication with NFC and optional smart card reader on Surface Laptop 6.png

Figure 1. NFC-based authentication with NFC and optional smart card reader on Surface Laptop 6


Versatile to get work done anywhere

The new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 offer the flexibility to work from anywhere. Both devices come with our industry-leading 3:2 display combined with the PixelSense touchscreen giving more room for work to thrive with the intuitiveness of touch. Color remains vivid, indoors and out, thanks to anti-reflective technology that reduces reflection by up to 50%. Keep an eye out for a deep dive into this technology in a future blog.


Surface Pro 10 with anti-reflective technology.png

Figure 2. Surface Pro 10 with anti-reflective technology


When it comes time to connect and collaborate, Surface Pro 10 features a Surface Studio Camera with a 114-degree ultrawide field of view, while the Laptop 6 comes with a 1080p Surface Studio Camera. Both devices use AI-accelerated Windows Studio Effects, like background blur and automatic framing, to help you stay front and center in your meetings.


Inking with Surface Slim Pen on the Surface Pro 10.png

Figure 3. Inking with Surface Slim Pen on the Surface Pro 10


High-quality Studio Mics with Voice Focus and Omnisonic® speakers elevate the audio experience along with AI-enhanced dictation in Microsoft 365 apps. Need to take notes, whiteboard an idea with a colleague, or sketch a draft of your next project? The Surface Slim Pen5 offers a natural and fluid writing experience, akin to using pen on paper.


Empower your workforce with unparalleled flexibility through 5G on the Surface Pro 10 —coming later this year.6 From coffee shop calls to on-site proposals, the Surface Pro 10 effortlessly meets your dynamic work demands.


Access to Copilot, at your fingertips

A standout upgrade in Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 is the Copilot key, 1.1 which gives you quick access to Copilot in Windows, so you can work smarter, be more productive, and boost your creativity. Copilot in Windows serves as an AI assistant for everyday tasks, streamlining your workflow with personalized support, contextual assistance, insights, and suggestions. Surface lets you engage with Copilot in ways that are natural and intuitive through keyboard, pen, touch, and voice. This allows you to stay in your flow and maintain focus on the task at hand.


New Copilot available on Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10.png

Figure 4. New Copilot available on Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10


Intel Core Ultra processors enable powerful performance and new AI experiences

The Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are among the first commercial devices to deliver the all-new Intel Core Ultra processors. Unleash productivity thanks to a new architecture that delivers superior power-efficient performance for various, complex business workloads by sending the right task to the right engine at the right time. Intel Core Ultra processors are purpose-built for the next era of AI software, balancing AI workloads across CPU, GPU, and their latest Intel AI Boost NPU or neural processing unit.


These new processors deliver impressive results, with up to 1.5 times faster graphics performance and up to 21% faster multitasking on Surface Pro 10 with Intel Core Ultra 77 compared to the Surface Pro 9. Surface Laptop 6, now with an Intel Core Ultra H processor and up to 64 GB of RAM, is more powerful than the Surface Laptop 5, delivering up to 2x more graphics performance8 and the ability to run professional apps up to 40% faster.


Microsoft has collaborated with Intel to ensure that Intel Core Ultra processors deliver powerful and reliable performance and AI experiences for Surface and the Windows ecosystem. In addition to the Microsoft-developed Windows Studio Effects, this optimization and reliability provides an ideal platform for you to explore other AI tools and build your own AI-accelerated innovations.

Accessing Windows 365 Cloud PCs is now easier than ever

Another way the new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 can help you be more productive is by providing easy access to your Windows 365 Cloud PCs and Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and more courtesy of the pre-installed Windows App. This enables you to use multiple accounts and easily switch between them, all in one app. Windows 365 securely streams your personalized Windows experience with access to all your apps, data, settings, and content from anywhere, on any device.


With the Windows App preinstalled on Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10, it’s easier than ever to deploy Cloud PCs to your team and easily enable Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch out of the box. Combine Windows 365 Boot with NFC on Surface Pro 10, and you can enable shared device scenarios, switching between users with a simple log-out, tap-in experience. Surface also provides optimal meeting experiences and superb offline alternatives. Read more about the latest Windows and Windows 365 announcements in this Windows Experiences Blog.


Enhancing IT administration with new and updated Surface tools for scalable management

If you are an IT professional or a business decision maker, you will appreciate the powerful management controls that Surface devices have built into Microsoft Intune, the cloud-based service that lets you manage and secure your devices, apps, and data. With Intune admin center, not only can you configure and deploy your devices, but you gain access to the Surface Management Portal.


Part of our Surface Management and Support Suite, this powerful portal provides a custom experience to manage your Surface devices at scale, with new, rich device insights views, details for warranty coverage and active support cases, a new repair and service order experience, and more. Looking to learn more about the carbon emissions of your Surface fleet? The Carbon Emissions Estimator tool included in the Surface Management Portal helps you estimate the carbon impact of your devices.


For organizations not yet utilizing Intune, the Microsoft 365 admin center offers a comparable management solution through the Surface Support Portal. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog detailing the latest updates to the Surface Management and Support Suite.


Updates - enhancements coming to the Surface Management Portal.png

Figure 5. Updates and enhancements coming to the Surface Management Portal

To complement your cloud and traditional management needs, we’ve also developed the new Surface IT Toolkit, which provides a consolidated console for configuration and technician tools, including Device Recovery for USB-based re-imaging, UEFI configuration for hardware settings, Data Eraser for information compliance, and more.


All new Surface IT Toolkit.png

Figure 6. All new Surface IT Toolkit


The app provides IT pros and admins with simplified, guided experiences to help you configure, update, or troubleshoot your devices. Not only does it provide a centralized location, the Surface IT Toolkit also ensures you are using the latest versions of our tools and installers. You don't need to worry about outdated or incompatible versions, the app automatically checks for updates and downloads them for you.

We’ll provide more details in an upcoming blog when the Surface IT Toolkit is released.


New repairability experience

This generation of commercial devices marks a significant improvement in repairability.9 By scanning built-in QR codes inside each device, you are linked to a detailed online service guide. And visual guidelines help you easily identify how many and what type of fasteners are needed for replaceable components (available in Surface Pro 10 only). In combination with our tools, warranty and coverage options, these advancements in repair simplification are helping us deliver experiences essential for helping your business thrive with Surface.


Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are more repairable.png
Figure 7. Surface Pro 10 (left) and Surface Laptop 6 are more repairable


Microsoft Adaptive Accessories now available for businesses

Today, we're also announcing the coming availability of the Microsoft Adaptive Accessories to commercial customers in select markets. Highly adaptable and accessible by design, explore these easy-to-use accessories that let you customize your own mouse, keyboard inputs, and shortcuts in ways that work best for you. With Microsoft Adaptive Accessories, one size fits one — you — and empowers you to increase productivity and use your favorite apps more effectively. For a set up that is truly unique to you, discover a selection of additional designs that you can 3D print through Shapeways. 10 11 To learn more about our available accessible accessories, head to Microsoft Accessible Accessories. 


Pre-order the new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 for business today

Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are built for business and optimized for Microsoft productivity experiences with quick access to your everyday AI companion, Microsoft Copilot. They’re versatile, powerful, secure, and easy to manage and service. They’re also designed to work seamlessly with Windows 365 Cloud PCs, giving you the flexibility to access your personalized Windows experience from the cloud. We will be detailing some of these announcements in upcoming blogs and technical deep dives, so be sure to subscribe.

You can pre-order Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 in select markets today and they will start shipping to customers on April 9th. Connect with your preferred authorized Surface commercial reseller and learn more by heading to or head to the Microsoft Store:


Check out other blogs from Microsoft 365, Microsoft Copilot, and Windows detailing the exciting announcements from today:



1Copilot in Windows (in preview) is available in select global markets and will be rolled out to additional markets over time. Copilot with commercial data protection is available at no additional cost for users with an Entra ID enabled, eligible M365 license: Your AI-powered chat for the Web with commercial data protection | Microsoft Copilot.

2. Feature availability varies by market, see When Copilot for Windows is not available or enabled on the device, pressing the Copilot key will launch Windows Search.

3. Requires license or subscription (sold separately) to activate and use.

4. Integrated smart card reader available only on Surface Laptop 6 in Black in one of these configurations: 15" 5/16/512, 7/16/256, 7/16/512, 7/32/512 and only in US and Canada.

5. Sold Separately.

6. Surface Pro 10 with 5G will be available later in 2024 and not available in all areas. eSIM and 5G support are also not available in all areas; compatibility and performance depend on carrier network, plan and other factors. See carrier for details and pricing.

7. Based on 3D Mark TimeSpy benchmark measuring graphic performance compared to Surface Pro 9 (Intel).

8. Based on 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark measuring graphic performance compared to Surface Laptop 5. Measured on Surface Laptop 6 with Intel Core Ultra 7.

9. Replacement components available through Surface Commercial authorized device resellers. Components can be replaced on-site by a skilled technician following Microsoft’s Service Guide. Microsoft tools (sold separately) may also be required. Availability of replacement components and service options may vary by product, market and over time. See Surface service options - Surface | Microsoft Learn. Opening and/or repairing your device can present electric shock, fire and personal injury risks and other hazards. Use caution if undertaking do-it-yourself repairs. Unless required by law, device damage caused during repair will not be covered under Microsoft’s Hardware Warranty or protection plans.

10. 3D print services provided and warrantied exclusively by Shapeways, Inc. subject to Shapeways Sales Terms and Conditions and Warranty at: Microsoft is not responsible for their performance or compliance with applicable regulatory, compliance, safety or any other requirements.

11. Available 3D designs from Shapeways may vary from image shown and over time. See Get Started with 3D Printing for the latest offerings.

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