Released: Update to Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server

Published Jun 04 2020 11:28 AM 4,290 Views
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OLE DB Driver 18.4 for SQL Server is released today, bringing support for Transparent Network IP Resolution and UTF-8 client-side support to the driver along with a number of fixes. The driver can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.




Fixed various issues in the ISequentialStream interfaceA few issues affecting multibyte code pages resulted in the interface prematurely reporting the end of the stream during the read operation.
Fixed a memory leak in the IOpenRowset::OpenRowset interfaceFixed a memory leak in the IOpenRowset::OpenRowset interface when the SSPROP_IRowsetFastLoad property was enabled.
Fixed an issue in scenarios involving a sql_variant data type and non-ASCII strings.Executing certain scenarios involving a sql_variant data type and non-ASCII strings may result in data corruption. For details, see: Known issues.
Fixed issues with the Test Connection button in the UDL configuration dialogThe Test Connection button in the UDL configuration dialog now honors initialization properties set in the All tab.
Fixed the SSPROP_INIT_PACKETSIZE property default value handlingFixed an unexpected error when the SSPROP_INIT_PACKETSIZE property was set to its default value of 0. For details about this property, see Initialization and Authorization Properties.
Fixed buffer overflow issues in IBCPSessionFixed buffer overflow issues when using malformed data files.
Fixed accessibility issuesFixed accessibility issues in the installer UI and the SQL Server Login dialog (reading content, tab stops).
The updated driver can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

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