JDBC Driver 9.4 for SQL Server Released

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Version 9.4 of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server has been released. Version 9.4.0 brings several added features, changes, and fixed issues over the previous production release.



  • Added Java 16 support #1579
  • Added optional realm connection string property for Kerberos authentication #1581
  • Added support for replication connections via a replication connection string option #1566
  • Added Open Connection Retry feature #1535
  • Added server recognition for Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool, and Azure SQL Edge #1543
  • Added support for multiple, successive connections using different settings for the Azure Key Vault key store provider #1594
  • Added sending the driver version to the database during prelogin #1583


  • Updated error messages for Always Encrypted with secure enclave exceptions to link to a troubleshooting guide #1585
  • Appended the MSAL exception error message to the error string returned during Azure AD authentication failures #1576
  • Send the client process ID to the server when running on Java 9+ #1595
  • Updated dependency versions #1613
  • Removed unused Java 9-specific class references from the Java 8 jar #1626


  • Fixed an issue where batch fails when always encrypted is enabled in the connection string and clearParameters is called #1578
  • Fixed a small memory leak on new connections #1633
  • Fixed an issue where trustStorePassword is null when using applicationIntent=ReadOnly #1565
  • Fixed an issue where redirected token contains named instance in servername #1568
  • Fixed potential integer overflow in TDSWriter.writeString() #1531


Getting the latest release

The latest bits are available to download from Microsoft, from the GitHub repository, and via Maven Central.

Add the JDBC 9.4 RTW driver to your Maven project by adding the following code to your POM file to include it as a dependency in your project (choose .jre8, .jre11, or .jre16 for your required Java version).






Help us improve the JDBC Driver by taking our survey, filing issues on GitHub or contributing to the project.

Please also check out our tutorials to get started with developing apps in your programming language of choice and SQL Server.

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