Skype Room System v2 present content not working

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We have a few SRSv2 systems running on the Logitech SmartDock in our organization.


On some of the units the Present feature have stopped working. It does not matter if you are in a Skype call and want to share your computers screen or if you just press the Present button on the main/calendar screen to show your computers content on the attached display/TV/monitor.


Today I was comparing two units in the same office. On one of them presenting is working as it should and on the other it is not.


Both are running Windows 10 1607 (15063.540) and Skype app version


I compared the version of some of the Surface and Logitech specific drivers in the Device Manager. But both units have the same driver versions.


I also checked the Windows Update history and both units have the same updates downloaded and installed from Windows Update.


I am a bit stumbled to what might cause this. I guess something must differ the two units in some way. But I just can't figure out what it could be. As mentioned before there are multiple other units with the same issue.


I found a couple of TechNet forum threads that looks like the same kind of issue we are having. But I am afraid they do not provide a solution.


Anyone else who is experiencing this and might have an idea what to look for?


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Can it be some policy affecting those spesific users/devices?
Have you tried using another Skype account on the devices with the error?

HI Eric,

In some cases the button present will become unstable and be highlighed then desactivated and the presentation will not work. But for us the main issue is on the hdmi input which is mixed with the secondary screen view for the remote attendee. The fix is ongoing.


If you are using a Logitech extender, i suggest you to power it off and on to detect hdmi



I may also have the same issue.   SrSv2 is on version 3.0.10 but I have not applied the latest Windows 10 feature update.    When I plug in the HDMI into my laptop the Smartdoc icon is highlighted but I do not see any content on the front of room monitor.


If you do not have the HDMI plugged in do you see anything on the front of room display like room info date/time?  



I have been dealing with this issue for a couple of months. MS last said it would take six months to fix. I bought two smart docks about two months ago and bought another one last week, and they all act the same way. As soon as someone plugs into the Smart Dock via the HDMI cable it randomly will go black on both Mac and Windows attendees but not for everyone but mostly Mac Users.


I have reached out to the Logitech and they are taking the stance of (Not our fault its MS fault).  If you figure out a fix I would love to hear it, right now I have to tell people that want to present to just join the skype meeting and ignore the HDMI cable.