SfB Broadcast Ep.49 Q&A - 3 things to consider when bringing your existing VTC into a modern meeting

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The broadcast with @Delanda Coleman and @Eddie Clifton can now be viewed online here on YouTube.  Please feel free to post any questions before that you would like to ask.



Here are the questions that were asked during the broadcast.


  1. What's the difference between this and the Polycom RealConnect Solution?
    Polycom have RealConnect on premise (Clariti) and RealConnect for O365, both very different. Pexip Infinity Fusion wold be more similar with on premise Clariti, but also very different in how the solution is architected.  Please contact us at (microsoft at pexip dot com) if you would any further information.

  2. Is there any plan to run PexIP in Azure like Polycom RealConnect?
    Pexip can already run and be deployed fully to Azure that you manage yourself. See here for further details https://docs.pexip.com/admin/azure_guidelines.htm

  3. So the Outlook add-in needs to be installed separately?
    No, there is no Outlook plugin needed, the extra information is added from within the Skype for Business Server Meeting configuration. An overview on the details is available here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt426640.aspx

  4. What is the pricing Model...?
    There is a platform fee and then per user pricing model.

  5. When you say "Per user per month... Do you mean EVERY person in my org?"
    Not at all. It is quite likely that quite a few of your employees will never benefit from VTC interop, so you likley start out with a subset of users that will, maybe knowledge workers rather than the frontline workers would require a license.

  6. With this Pexip Gateway interop do we need SfB VIS ?
    No, there is no need for the VIS role with Pexip Infinity Fusion.

  7. Does content sharing works at 1080p resolution? or higher desktop resolutions?
    Pexip can handle 1080p content resolution whilst in calls with Skype users or meetings whether RDP or VbSS.

  8. Does Pexip provide "Join Buttons" for SFB meetings on VTC endpoints?
    Pexip does not have the "Join Button" feature, but we make it super simple to just either drag a VTC into a meeting or the user can dial the Skype Meeting ID to join the call. Additionally, if you have a Polycom system that is registered to Exchange for the room calendar, then if that system has the Skype Meeting invite, it can read the meeting ID and dial the conference ID via their Join button when it appears on the screen. We can also work with 3rd parties to provide the Join button to Cisco and Polycom VTCs and then dial out automatically to any other 3rd party VTC vendors.

  9. Any roadmap for enabling media bypass? Registering an endpoint to Pexip nails media up to the conferencing node instead of making it point to point media.
    This is something we are researching within R&D at present. Nothing committed as of today.

  10. The Pexip invite footer added to Skype meeting invites, is that enabled in Exchange/Skype server? Can it be enabled for a subset of users?
    The footer is configured in the Skype for Business Server. This is standard configuration on the Microsoft side. Some details here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt426640.aspx I believe this is for all users of Skype for Business users.  I am not sure if this can be configured on a policy, best to check with your local Skype guru.

  11. Can we also integrate 3 screen Video endpoints?
    Pexip does not directly support with Immersive 3 screen systems with the TIP protocol. However, it can be used as a gateway from say Skype for Business users to the immersive 3 screen system via the existing MCU for telepresence systems. Many customers are doing this today with Pexip.  Alternatively, Pexip can make use of the central screen using standards based VTC signalling and codecs.

  12. Does the Pexip solution work with Skype for Business Online?
    Yes, Pexip can work with Skype for Business Online.  Details available here.

  13. Does this Pexip solution provide onsite MCU as well?
    Pexip Infinity is an MCU, but Pexip Infinity Fusion is our Gateway only version certified for Skype for Business.

  14. Do I need a 3rd party Outlook add-in for the meeting template to be updated with those custom VTC details?
    No, no 3rd party add-in needed to update the Skype Meeting template. This is done on the Skype Server side. Full details here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt426640.aspx

  15. How close can we get to a "one button to push" VTC join into a Skype MCU hosted meeting?
    You can do that with a 3rd party software working with Pexip today. With Polycom endpoints registered to Exchange, then the VTC can collect the join instructions from the meeting invite and users can click to join.  However, it is super simple to just either drag a VTC into a meeting or the user can dial the Skype Meeting ID to join the call.

  16. Does this integration or InterOp provide OBTP for legacy VTCs?
    Pexip does not provide this directly. It can be achieved with 3rd party software or with Polycom endpoints registered to Exchange, it can interpret the Skype Meeting invite and it then just dials the conference ID when the Join button is pressed. However, it is super simple to just either drag a VTC into a meeting or the user can dial the Skype Meeting ID to join the call.

  17. Does SfB support 1080p30 video? and content at 1080p30?
    Details on Skype for Business video and content resolutions can be found here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj688132.aspx

  18. Can you register devices to Pexip Infinity Fusion?
    Yes, you can register SIP and H.323 devices to Pexip Infinity.

  19. Will Pexip be wearing some crazy pants at Ignite?
    Of course we will :)




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Awesome session & recap.  Thanks for posting!

Here is a link to a simple matrix between RealConnect for O365 and Pexip Infinity Fusion https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/mt779140