What's new for Auto Attendants and Call Queues in July 2017?
Published Jul 31 2017 03:55 PM 9,766 Views

We are always working to improve Auto Attendants and Call Queues in Skype for Business, and we are excited to tell you about the latest features and updates rolled out in General Avaliability in July 2017!


Users can now receive Auto Attendants and Call Queues calls on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android Skype for Business clients:

    • Mac Client (16.8.196)  - you can download the latest Skype for Business client for Mac here


    • iPhone (6.16.0)
    • iPad (6.16.0)
    • Android (



Admins can now use O365 Groups (both public and private) to limit the scope of users reachable with Dial by Name feature in Auto Attendants.0365 Groups in Dial Scope0365 Groups in Dial Scope

The maximum size of the name list supported for name recognition with Speech has been increased from 50,000 to 80,000 users in Auto Attendants.


Improved accuracy of recognition for similar-sounding names for name recognition with Speech in Dial by Name feature of Auto Attendant.


To protect user anonymity,  Admins can now use PowerShell to enable users to make outbound calls on behalf of an Auto Attendant or Call Queue using a policy called CallingLineIdentity (also called a Calling Line ID):


New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "UKSalesQueue" -CallingIdSubstitute "Service" -ServiceNumber 14258828080 -EnableUserOverride $False -Verbose

Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -PolicyName UKSalesQueue -Identity AmosMarble@contoso.com


You can find more information on setting Caller ID for a user here.


Auto Attendant has been updated with an enhanced English (US) Text to Speech voice in July, 2017. Note that an enhanced Text to Speech voice for English (UK) has been rolled out in April, 2017.


We encourage you to take the next steps to start using these latest features:


  1. Download the latest Mac client here and check for the latest updates for your mobile client in your mobile App store.
  2. Let us know your feedback on these features here.


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