SOF: Tenant Dial Plan
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Exactly one month ago we released the “SOF Successful Engagement Release” (for details see our blog article SOF Successful Engagement Release March 27th and our recording on Skype Academy).


Following this release, we want to highlight every week one of the addition we added.
This time we will cover Tenant Dial Plans.

What is a Tenant Dial Plan?
In Skype for Business Online service, Tenant Dial Plan provides organizations with customized dial plans that allow users to retain their existing dialing behavior, such as not requiring full E.164 number to dial among users in the same office, or use country code and area code to dial external parties in the same city.

How does SOF help?
To address customized dialing behavior requirements as part of SOF journey, the latest SOF release added Tenant Dial Plan in all relevant SOF assets.

From Plan phase to Deliver phase, including the Envisioning Architecture workshop deck, detailed design deck, document templates, deployment checklist, site rollout and migration planning assets, bulk enablement/migration script, and testing matrix.

By enabling you to introduce and talk in detail about Tenant Dial Plan with the organization that you are working with, identify and assess the requirements around customized dialing behavior, and then, upon recognizing the critical nature of customized dialing behavior to the success of the Cloud PBX implementation, use the updated assets to for the implementation of Tenant Dial Plan, the latest SOF release will support you in achieving the intended success outcomes.

If customized dialing behavior is one of the key requirements on Cloud PBX implementation that you are about to or currently working on, then taking advantage of the updated SOF assets is highly recommended.


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