SOF: Provision Skype Room Systems Accounts at Scale

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With the launch of Skype Room Systems v2, we recently updated the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) with a new set of changes to provide guidance on Plan, Deliver and Operate this new rich collaboration solution. One of the most valuable assets of this release is about scripted provisioning of the user accounts for the Skype Room Systems v2 devices:


Skype Room System v2 devices are designed in a way that each device requires a unique user account. Each room account should be enabled for a Skype for Business meeting room, and associated Exchange room mailbox should be created and configured for each account for these fancy devices to function properly and deliver the best meeting experience.


Depending on the number of meeting rooms and devices, as well as the range of deployment options available with Active Directory, Exchange, and Skype for Business services, the account provisioning process may be complex and time consuming.


In addition to the existing script that we released to provision device accounts easily for Skype Room Systems solution, we are proud to announce an easier way of doing the same at scale, in an error-free fashion.

This new script, provided as part of the Skype Operations Framework brings many enhancements like:

  • Quickly enable 1s, 10s, 100s, or 1000s of meeting rooms
  • Error free & consistent account enablement and configuration
  • Online, On-Premises and Hybrid support
  • New account creation or support for converting existing accounts
  • License assignment for Online and Hybrid deployments
  • Configure voice features
  • Detailed reporting of the enablement and configuration activities

The Skype Room Systems Provisioning script will:

  • Create new user accounts or re-use existing on Active Directory
  • Assign Office 365 licenses for Online and Hybrid deployments
  • Create Exchange room mailbox
  • Configure Exchange calendar processing for automatically accepting meeting requests
  • Configure Exchange Mail Tips so that users can be informed proactively about the new experience when scheduling meetings
  • Configure Skype Meeting Room

All you have to do is to create an input file with the account details, and let the script configure all the accounts for you.

We strongly recommend you download the Skype Room Systems Account Provisioning asset and start enabling your rooms.



To learn more about the Skype Room Systems, please check the provided resources below.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback, please let us know via the SOF Community and our feedback site.

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