Skype Room Systems v2 update released October 1
Published Oct 02 2018 08:42 AM 13K Views

SRSv2 update has been release to the Microsoft Store since October 1st, Redmond time. Release Notes


  • Code changes necessary to prepare the SRSv2 app for later Windows 10 Version 1803 upgrade.
  • Fix formatting issue with localized EULAs - specifically Norwegian - which prevents advancing beyond EULA OOBE setup window.
  • Code changes required to make Skype Room Systems v2 application run on legacy Lync Room Systems hardware.  See more here.


  • Updates may take a few days to reach 100% availability to all machines.  We start with 10% coverage the first day and throttle up to 100% coverage over the course of a few days.
  • A downloadable script is available here enabling admins to create their own images based on this update.


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