New Release: SharePointDsc v4.9
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With the release of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition a few weeks ago, we are focusing our attention on the v5.0 release. We are doing some final tests, making sure we can release a working version that supports SPSE. But that of course doesn't mean we aren't paying attention to the current version anymore! That is why we released v4.9 earlier this week!


This release contains fixes for several issues discovered in SharePointDsc over the past weeks. One major issue that was fixed was introduced when we released native ReverseDsc support. The issue was caused by the fact that SharePoint is still using PowerShell Snapins and was throwing the dreaded "Fixed issue where the snapin was generating the "An item with the same key has already been added" error.

In previous versions we already implemented several fixes, all with their own side effects. This time we took a different approach and we are confident that this will fix the issue once and for all.


You can find the SharePointDsc v4.9 in the PowerShell Gallery!


NOTE: We can always use additional help in making SharePointDsc even better. So if you are interested in contributing to SharePointDsc, check-out the open issues in the issue list, check-out this post in our Wiki or leave a comment on this blog post.


Improvement/Fixes in v4.9:



  • SPLogLevel
    • Added ReverseDsc export support to this resource
  • SPWebApplication
    • Added logic to check if specified content database exists in the web application
    • Added possibility to update application pool


  • SharePointDsc
    • Updated build pipeline to use the correct vm image


  • SharePointDsc
    • Fixed issue where the snapin was generating the "An item with the same key has already been added" error
  • ReverseDsc
    • Fixed issue where the export would contain duplicate configuration
    • Fixed issue where the example export cmdlets was in the incorrect format
  • SPDocIcon
    • Fixed issue where the resource was using hardcoded SP2016 and later paths and therefore didn't work in SP2013
  • SPSearchServiceApp
    • Disabled the Farm account DB ownership check when using SQL Auth
  • SPServiceAppPool
    • Fixed issue in Export method where the PsDscRunAsCredential was stored as a string instead of a PsCredential object
  • SPSite
    • Fixed issue where the code continues when the creation of the site failed, throwing even more errors

A huge thanks to the following guys helping with testing the "An item with the same key has already been added" issue:
Jean-Cyril Drouhin, Ilian Nilsson and Roel Pinxten


Also a huge thanks to everybody who submitted issues and all that support this project. It wasn’t possible without all of your help!


For more information about how to install SharePointDsc, check our


Let us know in the comments what you think of this release! If you find any issues, please submit them in the issue list on GitHub.


Happy SharePointing!!

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