Troubleshooting NGSC sync of SharePoint libraries (uploads fine, but doesn't download)

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Is there a central troubleshoot topic for sync issues, and are there do's and don'ts when syncing SharePoint libraries to multiple computers and multiple users?


My clients are 2 users in one teamsite, that contains 3 seperate libraries. Each libraries contains multiple folders. One of those libraries contains client cases , so each folder represents a case and has sub folders like "source files", "letters", etc.


My clients report that starting today, the NGSC (preview) does not download new files. Yet uploading seems to be no problem. This seems to happen on multiple computers (and thus under two user accounts)


I'm yet to investigate, but they don't mention that the sync client shows error messages about it.


1. I have no clue where to start investing this as uploading seems fine?

2. The searches on internet give me support articles with basic "end user" troubleshoot steps. Are there more in-depth troubleshoot articles for IT Pro's?

3.  Are there do's and don'ts when syncing complete libraries (and thus working in it) with multiple users and to multiple computers, that Microsoft doesn't share publicly? Lessons learned?


Prior to Office 365 my clients used one Dropbox personal account and synced those on multiple computers. No (serious) sync problems I know of. When they migrated to Office 365 their first idea was to use one Onedrive for Business and share that with they other. I convinced them that their files are "company files" and thus belong in a teamsite they both have access to. 


At first they used the horrible Groove. Last month I desperately installed the NGSC Preview with Sharepoint sync to minimize the sync errors. Now again they have an issue. I'm afraid they rather go back to Dropbox if they keep getting these problems. Unless I can tell them why it happens and what we can do to minimize it from happening!


------ UPDATE 1/16/2017 ----------


Today I investigated this issue. There are some 58+ photo's in a subfolder of a subfolder of a dubfolder of a document library. The photo's are uploaded by another computer and can be found in the Office 365 SharePoint portal. So the files are uploaded. The client that has this issue just doesn't sync it to this computer.


The Onedrive client has been restarted frequently. It keeps giving these two statusses:

- There are files being updated in Onedrive (rough translation from dutch: Er worden bestanden bijgewerkt in OneDrive...)

- Processing changes (Wijzigingen verwerken)

- The list of files to process is empty. At some moments there are a few files and then they disappear from the list. It's unclear if these files are really being updated. They are not the 58+ files.

- Processing changes is either taking a very long time or it is stuck.


I tried the folowing:

- Placed a Word document in the user's Onedrive for Business folder. This file got uploaded/synced by the sync client successfully. Edited the document in Word Online. Changes were successfully synced back.

- Placed a Word document in the local sync folder of the 58+ Photo's. This document synced to online portal, got edited there and changes were synced back.

- Downloaded one of the photo's from the portal to the users download folder. RENAMED it and stored it in the user's local folder of the 58+ photo's. The photo synced back to online.



- Onedrive is syncing files.

- There is no issue with the photo being to big or long filename.


What I want to do:

- See a log file of Onedrive, telling me what is taking so long?

- Clear a cache or whatever to get Onedrive going.


Last option:

- Reset onedrive.... but that is not a solution imho.


Any ideas?


---- UPDATE 1/19/2017 ---


This was a backend issue with syncing SharePoint Team sites which Microsoft has solved. During this time the SharePoint service was degraded and it affected multiple tenants, so you probably can read about it in the Office 365 Message center? :)


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We are having the same problem.  I have tried it over seperate accounts and the same result.  Uploads ok but will not download the files.  Every so often I click on the onedrive icon which brings up the information of what its doing and it runs through all of the files that it should be downloading but does not download the files.

That's exactly the thing I see happening. Thanks!


When I didn't receive any response here, I also created a topic in the Onedrive For Business Community. Maybe you can post your response there, so we keep it at one place?