SharePoint Modern Page Quick links web part missing Layout option?

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According to, Quick links web part in SharePoint Modern Pages should show a "layout" option where we can select either Compact or Film Strip. But my development site and client's site doesn't show such options. Any idea? 

My developer site is given below.



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I've checked on my developer tenant and I can only confirm I do have the option as described in the article...


Have you tried in different browsers and on different site collections? Both should not make a difference but it's worth to try.





No luck, Checked IE, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Seems like a quirk of some sorts. It should look like this:



Maybe empty your browser cache? Try another browser?

Edit: Just read you tried different browsers already. Then I think the latest version of this web part has not been rolled out to your tenants yet. Or... the CDN is not serving you the latest files yet.

Your tenant may well not have the feature yet; try putting yourself in First Release if you have the ability to, close out your browser, and look again. That's the only way my tenant could see those options at the moment.

I also have this feature in my test tenant that is configured in First Release - Select Users
I have changed my setting and will see. Thanks everyone.
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Thanks for reaching out @Suhail. You'll see the new layouts capability once you are included in the flight for comm sites (currently at 50% of production). You're still seeing the earlier version of the webpart.

Hi All,


I was able to set my tenent to "First Release " and got the options. Thanks for the advice and support.