Script Editor Web Parts & Google Chrome 57 don't work

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SharePoint Online Script Editor Web Part is causing ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR. Anyone else seeing this with the latest Chrome updates? Happens for me when in Page Edit mode, trying to edit any web part on the page.!topic/chromium-discuss/UrsSOYWITe0 

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Quick workaround maybe is to use a Content Editor Webpart and point at an HTML file which pulls in the necessary JavaScript + CSS required for whatever customization you're doing? I hate the Script Editor Webpart, but appreciate that people need to inject customizations into pages.

Thanks Jared, 

I'll try your suggestion first thing in the morning and update here. It's a yammer feed embed that is causing the problem. 

This did resolve the issue. Thanks again!

Using Content Editor and pointing to HTML file in Subsite/SiteAssets folder didn't work for me using the following and Chrome 58 latest version:


pubauctions.html (file)




<embed src="" width="99%" height="500px">

We've started running into this in the last week or so and it's very frustrating. The question is, is this over zealous actions from Google or a new issue that Microsoft need to fix.

Yes just had some tricky issues with this in the past week or so. It's a Google issue not MS. For example I have a PowerPoint embedded on a page and I get the error when I try to edit the page or that web part.



Unfortunately, this not only affects the display in Chrome but using IE 11 also brings up a dialog:

Only secure content is displayed and requires the button Show all content to be clicked before displaying the content editor web part.


It's affecting FIrefox as well

Having this exact same problem when trying to add embedded Yammer content. So that's kind of annoying.

It's more than annoying here, we've been pushing out online security training to staff and these kind of errors are pop ups that can be confused for phishing attempts, malware, etc. and lead to helpdesk issues.


I would typically recommend to NOT click on a popup.

What's the best way to move this to MS support? At best it's annoying at worst it's a barrier to use of SP.