News on SharePoint Home is rolling out!


As @Mark Kashman annouced last week, we started the rollout of Aggregated Personalized News on SharePoint Home with 10% FR today!


Looking forward to hearing your feedback !


Here is a snapshot from the announcement:

News on SharePoint home in Office 365

Improve the consumption of your news. Microsoft enables a personalized view of all team news published to users right on their SharePoint home in Office 365 (click the SharePoint tile within the Office 365 app launcher). News is easy to read from across the sites they are active in, sites they follow, as well as other news suggested by the intelligence of Microsoft Graph.


At the top of SharePoint home, you will now see News from sites. It’s easy to see what the news is, where it’s coming from, how it’s trending – and you’re one-click away from reading the article in it full fidelity, no matter what operating system or browser you are using. And to see all your news, simply click See all to go to the dedicated, personalized news rollup page.


SharePoint home with team news.jpg

News from sites now appears at the top of SharePoint home in Office 365


With the addition of team news, SharePoint home evolves into an intuitive, single location to see what's happening in all your sites and portals, perform enterprise-wide search, create new sites -- and now read all the news around you.


Learn more about how to find news, sites and portals in Office 365.

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Thanks Alina! Is this is a staged rollout in FR please?

Yes, we rolled out to 10% FR today.

Awesome news...when do you expect to do the full rollout at FR?

Is Company News and Organizational news still in the works?  Our leadership is hoping for a way to publish news to all our employees.  

We will need to give it at least a couple of days to make sure that no issues come up and then we'll expand the rollout.

Yes, we are working on authoritative news, but I can't share any more details at this time.

We are excited to annouce that News on SharePoint Home is now available on all FR tenants and rolling out to 10% production today.

As always, your feedback is important. Please let us know what you think!



We rolled out News on SharePoint Home to all customers today!
As always, your feedback is important. Please let us know what you think!
Not seeing this in our tenancy yet . Have I missed a link detailing any particular set up or is there a chance that it being blocked by firewall ?

News don't require any special setup, but the control won't show up if you don't have any news published. Do you have any news in modern team sites that you are following or using frequently?

This may be a semantic thing but when you refer to 'Modern Team Site' are you refering to an Office Group created via '+ Create Site' (on SharePoint landing page) or a SharePoint site with a 'Modern Page ' that contains the Modern News Web Part  ? 


If this only works for Office Groups then are there any plans to surface from 'Modern Pages' as well ?

I assume the decision to go with Team News vs Publishing News (or even authoritative) is due to the fact that Modern Publishing Pages aren't out yet?


My clients are definitely more in the boat of authoritative news vs team news. The reality is a lot of teams/departments aren't really going to have time to curate this content.



Modern page is the underlaying content type for news : all news are modern pages, but not all modern pages are news (or will be).

You can start using News in classic team sites today by following these steps:

1. Create a modern page on your existing site.

2. Add a News web part to the modern page you created and publish the page.


3. Go to the modern page with News web part and click "+Add" near the News web part title to create news posts.


4. All posts created by clicking on "+Add" on the News web part title will be news and will get rolled up in SharePoint home for users that are active in that site or following it.  


We are also working on enabling users to make any modern page news, but this capability is not yet available.

@Jared Matfess we are definitly aware of the need that customers have for authorotative news and it's on the roadmap. Team news were shipped as part of the modern team sites and personalized aggregated news on SP home helps users to consume news in a single place. We definitly plan to have other types of news show up on SP Home once those are available.

Awesome @Alina Skarbovsky - I think that's going to be a very well received feature. Hoping we might see a nice update on Modern Publishing during the May Virtual Summit! 

This is what I'd hoped for but am not seeing it in our Tenant yet ..despite it being fully deployed  ???


I am 'following' sites that are set up with modern pages with the news web part and content created . Am I missing something ? 

In that case it should work. Let me start a private conversation to get to the bottom of this.

Any updates on the implementation of organizational news?

As you might know, we recently shipped Communication sites. Communication sites have a different  permissioning model and default UX than team sites and are better suited for cases when a small group of people want to communicate out and showcase their work to a larger audience. News is available as part of comm sites and this is the first step in enabling authoritative news scenarios. 

We are currently working on additional features to improve the authoritative news scenario, such as approvals and categorization. 


Is there a specific set of capabilities that you have in mind as required for organizational news?