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I had planned to use the People web part (see attached) on the modern page to list a contact person.  Then I discovered it only provides  a name, title, and the circle (with initials or picture). 


Are there plans to have it link to profiles so one can hover or click on the name to get more information, e.g. email, phone number?




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I just tried the People web part in my org, and when I hover on it, I get a large pop up with the information you're looking for.




Getting this to show up feels kinda awkward, there's a delay on the popup.

Is the People web part on  Modern site page on a SharePoint  site?   I ask because a similar looking icon will link to or display profile information  in other areas like search results and the People.  It just does not work when I add a People web part to a site page.


~ Catherine

Yep, I used it in a Modern site page.

Hmm..something must be "broken". Thanks.

Hi Catherine,


Have you got the broken back to normal now?




@Steve Zhang - No, John Sanders said they are researching the problem for our tenant farm.

For First Release users, when you go to edit the People webpart, they added a new layout. The original People Webpart for the modern sites had a "Compact View". The new option I am seeing in first release today is called "Descriptive". The cards look bigger and you can add a description text field under your picture. It looks like they added a "Add a profile link" but it appears to be broken. Nothing happens when you click it. 

That's exciting! Eager to see that rolled out.

Will be nice when ours works.  Thanks for the update.

I can see the Descriptive View has now rolled out to my tenant. Useful enhancement. Thanks for highlighting this update.

Sweet! Is that "Add a profile link" broken for you as well? Doesnt appear to do anything.

Hi Brain,


We noticed this problem and we are fixing it.

Now we have the descriptive view too, but I miss the ability to alter the information that is shown, fo example I would like to show the phonenumber and email directly, not only after the mouseover/click.


Hi Jordi,


Thanks for the feedback. I will consider this.



Maybe it will finally roll out to our farm as a New Year's present.  


Happy Holidays!

I had the descriptive view my tenant and now i do not? 

You don't have now which you had previously?

I have it in my production tenant




Correct, I had set these up as descriptive in early December, and now I do not have the option. I have never had the hover effect. We are in the government tenant..

Thanks for reporting. No hover behavior may because you are in government tenant which there is some limitation technically. Let me check why your tenant doesn't have descriptive layout.

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@CatherineB and @Janet Schmidt,


The "live people card" behavior (where you can hover over an individual and see more information about them) isn't yet rolled out to the government cloud you are both a member of, which is why you don't see that behavior in the people web part. Once that underlying capability is rolled out, it will become available in SharePoint. The team handling that feature roll-out hasn't committed to a roll-out time frame yet. We'll let you know when we know a time frame for it. fyi @Steve Zhang

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