Reflecting back and looking ahead to what’s coming in Syntex – August 2023
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We announced a broad set of AI powered content management services with Microsoft Syntex at Microsoft Ignite last fall. Today, as we start Microsoft’s fiscal year, we’d like to share an update on what’s already shipped, and what’s coming soon.


What’s generally available

Syntex unstructured and prebuilt doc processing are available as pay-as-you-go services. Syntex’s and document processing classifies and extracts metadata to optimize usage, security, search and workflow. Prebuilt document processing uses prebuilt models that are preconfigured to recognize documents and the structured information within these documents. You can iterate on an existing pretrained model to add specific fields that fit your organization’s needs. Unstructured document processing handles unstructured documents, such as letters or contracts, that have identifiable text based on phrases or patterns that can be processed using AI.


You can classify and extract data using custom no-code AI models or out-of-the-box models for invoices, receipts and contracts (with more coming). Syntex’s document processing can replace time-consuming and error-prone manual extraction/keying/indexing and also consistently apply retention and sensitivity labels to save time and ensure compliance.


In related news, we’re happy to share that we have reduced the pricing for unstructured document processing from $0.10 per page to $0.05 per page so you get more value from this Syntex service.


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SharePoint Advanced Management

SharePoint Advanced Management (SAM) is a Syntex add-on service available as a per-user license, a new set of advanced security and content management capabilities. With the exponential content growth across every industry, it’s increasingly important to manage and govern your digital estate diligently. SAM addresses access permissions and content lifecycle management, particularly given organizational challenges such assite content sprawl and oversharing.


New Syntex pay-as-you-go services in general availability

Syntex Content Assembly is now generally available as a pay-as-you-go service. Streamline your content generation processes, especially when you’re working with large volumes of repetitive business documents such as statements, invoices, or proposals. Syntex Content Assembly automatically generates new documents with specific values, based on precise templates defined by business users, from new or existing documents. Reducing the labor-intensive manual creation of standardized documents saves you time and minimizes errors. Roadmap feature ID: 124812.


Syntex Image Tagging makes it easier to search for images by assigning descriptive keywords to images. With this Syntex service, it’s much easier to find specific images that you need. Image Tagging is now rolling into general availability as a pay-as-you-go service. Roadmap ID: 88715.


Syntex Taxonomy Tagging identifies tags for your document based on its content and the taxonomy defined in SharePoint. By applying a taxonomy column and enabling taxonomy tagging, the document is automatically tagged to help with search, sorting, filtering and more. Taxonomy Tagging is rolling out to general availability as a pay-as-you-go service over the next few weeks. Roadmap feature ID: 152001.


Coming later this year

And there are more capabilities in store, coming soon in 2023.


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Microsoft 365 Backup

Announced at Microsoft Inspire a few weeks ago, Microsoft 365 Backup provides backup and recovery of your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange data at unprecedented speeds for large volumes of data with a restore service level agreement (SLA) – while keeping it all within the Microsoft 365 security boundary. This is coming soon to public preview, in Q4 of this calendar year.


Also announced at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft 365 Archive is a cold data storage tier solution that enables you to keep inactive or aging data within SharePoint at a cost-effective price point matching the value of that data’s lifecycle stage. Because the content is archived in place, it retains Microsoft 365’s valuable security, compliance, search, and rich metadata. This is coming to public preview soon, in Q4 of this calendar year.


Syntex repository services provides a fast way for developers to build and manage file and document centric apps that leverage the rich content platform services of Microsoft 365. Syntex repository services also make it easy for every developer to include critical Microsoft 365 file and document capabilities in every app they build. Unlike basic file storage, Syntex repository services offers developers the richness of the Microsoft 365 content management backend – versioning, coauthoring, sharing, search, security, compliance and more. Syntex repository services are completely headless, and fully API driven. Repository services is currently in private preview.


With Syntex Optical Character Recognition (OCR), images containing text – in OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and Teams messages – have that text automatically extracted and made searchable. Not only does this optimize search, it also enables additional compliance scenarios like data loss prevention (DLP).

• OCR for Exchange & Teams messages is in public preview now. Roadmap feature ID: 124936.
• OCR for single page images for OneDrive & SharePoint will be in public preview by the end of August. Roadmap feature ID: 124937.


Pay-as-you-go Syntex services generally available by Q4 CY2023

As business becomes increasingly more global, make your content instantly more accessible with Syntex Translation. Syntex enables you to translate documents quickly and accurately among dozens of languages based on specific metadata. Syntex Translation will be generally available this fall. Roadmap feature ID 161828.



Syntex Content Rules Processor - set content type by file name

Syntex Content Rules Processor is introducing a new rule that enables users to set content type based on file name. The rules processor has Syntex will analyze the file names in your document library, then automatically apply a content type based on the configured rule. This new rule will roll out into general availability in August.




Generally Available Coming Soon

Document processing

  • Structured
  • Freeform
  • Unstructured
  • Prebuilt

SharePoint Advanced Management

Content Assembly

Image Tagging

Taxonomy Tagging

Syntex Content Rules Processor - move/copy file by content type



Syntex repository services

Syntex eSignature

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 Archive

Syntex Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Syntex Content Rules Processor - set content type by file name








Learn more

Stay tuned as Syntex brings more services to market. In the meantime, learn more about Syntex:

• Visit Syntex on the web
• Register for our upcoming monthly Syntex Community Call on August 23, at 10am Pacific
• Stay up to date on all things Syntex by joining the mailing list
• Join one of the Syntex preview programs – Microsoft 365 Backup, Microsoft 365 Archive, or Syntex repository services


Thank you!

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