Microsoft Syntex pay-as-you-go will be generally available on March 7, 2023
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If you’ve been eyeing Content AI solutions to tackle the explosive growth of content in your business processes, now is your chance to get started with Microsoft Syntex document processing without upfront licensing requirements. Beginning March 7, Syntex pay-as-you-go pricing for unstructured and prebuilt document processing will be generally available to all customers in Microsoft 365 Commercial Cloud.


Microsoft Syntex launched in October 2022 at Microsoft Ignite, as Microsoft’s new Content AI platform. Syntex brings AI and automation into the content and apps you use every day, transforming how you find, engage with, and create content to empower users and amplify business processes.


Powered by AI, Syntex’s unstructured and prebuilt document processing classifies and extracts metadata to optimize usage, security, search and workflow. You can classify and extract data using custom no-code AI models or out-of-the-box models for invoices and receipts (with more coming).


Syntex’s document processing can replace time-consuming and error-prone manual extraction/keying/indexing and also consistently apply retention and sensitivity labels to save time and ensure compliance.


Syntex usage will be billed to your Azure subscription. These Syntex services will be generally available for you through a pay-as-you-go usage model, similar to other products under an Azure subscription.


This will enable all users in your organization to create and apply unstructured and prebuilt document processing models, and customers can upload documents to libraries configured to use Syntex. This is charged on a pay-per-use basis, specifically charging for the total number of pages processed. Pricing details will be available beginning March 7 and we'll update here, so bookmark this blog!



What is counted?

What is billed?

US List Price

Unstructured document processing


The total number of pages processed.  


You will not be charged for model training.


Prebuilt document processing


The total number of pages processed. 


You will not be charged for model training. 



Benefits of Syntex pay-as-you-go pricing:
    • Availability. You can distribute Syntex pay-as-you-go services to all users without requiring separate licenses.
    • Consistency. Syntex pay-as-you-go is consistent with other consumptive services such as those delivered by Azure.
    • Flexibility. Since your usage may fluctuate, pay-as-you-go allows for scalability and flexibility – pay for only what you use and don’t pay for what you don’t use.
    • Cost savings. Reduce the hassle and overhead of license procurement, while you manage and split costs across business units by leveraging Microsoft Cost Management.
    • No commitment. Unlike per-user licensing, you can get started with pay-as-you-go right away without locking into any long-term commitments and without any upfront costs.


What you need to get started with Syntex to set up pay-as-you-go billing:

  1. Get contributor access to or create an Azure subscription within the same tenant as your organization.
  2. Select the  Azure subscription ID in the Set Up Syntex area of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  3. Select a resource group  from within that subscription
  4. Save (Syntex document processing services are now available for end users in your organization)


You might have a few questions about the shift from traditional per-user licensing to pay-as-you-go way of working, especially if you’re currently a Syntex per-user license customer. Let’s address what’s top of mind:
    • Does pay-as-you-go pricing apply to all Syntex capabilities? No, pay-as-you-go pricing is currently limited to Syntex unstructured and prebuilt document processing services and does not change how you use Syntex content assembly, universal annotation, AI Builder, content query, or other Syntex services with a per-user license.
    • What happens to the existing Syntex per-user licensing? The existing Microsoft Syntex per-user license remains available to customers at this time. Users licensed for Microsoft Syntex will continue to have access to the capabilities documented at Licensing for Microsoft Syntex | Microsoft Learn and their usage of unstructured and prebuilt document processing will not be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis at this time.
    • Can my organization maintain a hybrid environment, with some users on a per-user license and the remainder under pay-as-you-go? At this time, if your organization has one or more per-user license assigned, you will not be able to set up pay-as-you-go services. However, this hybrid environment scenario will be possible in the near future.
    • Will pay-as-you-go pricing be available for all Microsoft 365 Cloud environments, including government clouds? At this time, pay-as-you-go pricing is available for Microsoft 365 Commercial Cloud customers. It is not yet available in GCC ,GCC High or other clouds.


New Syntex cost calculator tool

We’re happy to share the new Syntex cost calculator to assist in predicting costs for Syntex, particularly with the advent of pay-as-you-go services. This tool gives you a better understanding of your organization’s usage patterns and estimated costs so you can make more informed decisions. It’s also helpful in conjunction with the Microsoft 365 Assessment Tool, which analyzes your information architecture and highlights libraries with customer content types and extended columns that can benefit from Syntex-powered automation.


New Microsoft Syntex training module available now in Microsoft Learn

Finally, we are thrilled to announce a new Microsoft Syntex training module: Introduction to Microsoft Syntex - Training | Microsoft Learn. This module is designed to provide technical leaders, IT professionals, and document processors with a comprehensive understanding of how Syntex can support organizations in managing their documents.


In this module, you’ll learn the key Syntex features and scenarios, identify the right business solutions for your organization, and understand the roles and responsibilities involved in adopting Syntex. Discover how Syntex can help streamline the entire content lifecycle – from creating new content to processing documents, from discovering knowledge to automating workflows.


Stay in the loop on upcoming releases and events by signing up for the Microsoft Syntex newsletter. And don’t miss our next Syntex Tech Community AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Wednesday, March 1st at 10AM PST!

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