SharePoint Patterns & Practices - PnP Core and PnP PowerShell SIG recording - 2nd of November


SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - PnP Core, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group (SIG) weekly call recording for the 2nd of November meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel at


Topics covered on 2nd of November 2016

  • October 2016 statistics on PnP Core and PnP PowerShell usage at 4:21
  • October 2016 release of CSOM SPO NuGet package at 7:37
  • SharePoint PnP repositories moving to SharePoint organization at GitHub at 9:45
  • Updates on PnP PowerShell in November release at 11:21
    • Naming changes from SPO prefix to PnP prefix to avoid future issues
    • New Microsoft Graph cmdlets coming in November release
    • Demo - PnP PowerShell naming changes - Erwin van Hunen at 15:00
  • Groups / Modern team site programatic provisioning at 26:30
    • Demo - Provisioning modern SharePoint team sites programatically or using PnP PowerShell, including applying a custom branding on modern sites - Paolo Pialorsi - at 32:06
  • What's customizations are currently supported with modern team sites at 45:01
  • Reminder on new SharePoint developer landing page under at 52:01
  • Q&A at 53:06

PnP Core Component, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted for anyone who are interested on the PnP Core component and PnP PowerShell capabilities in SharePoint Online and in SharePoint on-premises. 


You can download recurrent invite from Welcome and join the discussion. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to provide your input as comments to this post as well.

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@Vesa Juvonen and @Erwin van Hunen, I like the idea of renaming these cmdlets to eliminate the confusion, but, what I would really like to see is the migration of these cmdlets into the module provided by MS.


The fact that MS provides extensive cmdlets for almost every other O365 service but does not for SPO does not make any sense to me and is totally inconsistent with the stated objectives to provide powershell support for all of the systems.


While PnP has become quite popular, I have to believe that there are many SPO admins using the limited set of cmdlets in the current  MS module that do not have any knowledge of the PnP set or are prevented from using these for some reason.


MS needs to do the right thing and provide a SPO module that includes most if not all of the wonderful PnP cmdlets

Sorry Dean for the delayed response. We are looking into to aligning these two libraries in the future, but can't provide any timelines and the decision has not yet been done. We'll work on this gradually step-by-step internally and hopefully we'll get these libraries combined in the future.


Thx for the feedback.