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I have a sharepoint list named as "Employee List" created in my sharepoint online site. It contains two columns a "Title" and a "Employee Name"(Person and group) column.

When  a user is added in the list and mouse over on the Employee Name,I can see a contact card and name with presence details.

Now a Modern Page is created and a List preview webpart is added in this page with "Employee List" selected. 

I am facing an issue at this step, Now when I mouse over on the list item Employee name in this modern page I cannot see any contact card.

Do we have any such limitations in this web part?

Can someone please help me resolve this issue.




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The list web part in it's current state is very poor. They announced a revamp of the web part at SPC, so we'll have to wait for that to get any movement on that web part. I want to say they are making the web-part work similar to how it works in the actual list itself.

You'll have to look and see if there are any 3rd party webparts for lists out there on github and what not that might hold you over for now if you want to use modern UI.

That said, have you looked at using the People web-part for listing people out on the page? How many are there? I usually like to use this for department groups etc. Works really well and has the hover card support.

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your response.

I did suggest my user regarding people webpart, but if it is possible with the list webpart as it would include few more columns of data to be added.