Announcing Availability of SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview

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Hi @Vesa Juvonen,


Is there known date when these SPFx extensions become GA?


One of my customers is interested in using the header/footer solution and potentially they can wait for a month or so. It would be useful to know if it is GA by then.


Unfortunately, we don't have public release timeline at this point. We are looking to push still possibly one RC update before GA, but things have not yet been locked.

thanks @Vesa Juvonen, so should I assume that it would take at least another 6 months?

I can't comment directly on this, but we will certainly have GA in less than 6 months.

Any update on the GA timeframe. Sorry if it asking so soon after Pieter's last post as I can't see any dates on the posts via the mobile interface.


we don't have a public schedule at this point. We will have more to communicate during upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for updates in, here and in Twitter / Facebook.

Thanks for the speedy reply, most appreciated.
I'll be sure to keep up to date via the channels.