New feature: Create Power BI reports from tables in Excel files and CSV files


We are excited to announce a new feature that will make it very easy to start visualizing data in Excel tables and CSV files using Power BI. When you go to your OneDrive for Business, or any SharePoint document library, you will be able to select an Excel file that contains tables, or a CSV file, and click on "Open in Power BI" in the command bar.OpenInPowerBI.PNG


Clicking this command will open a new tab in your browser and take you to Power BI. A Power BI dataset will be automatically created based on your Excel or CSV file and you can start creating a report to visualize your data. Note that this requires that your data is formatted as tables in Excel.



The dataset created in Power BI will be automatically refreshed when you make changes to the original Excel or CSV file.  This means you can continue to make changes to the file in OneDrive or SharePoint, and any associated dataset, reports and dashboards will be automatically updated with the latest data. Refresh happens every hour, but if you want to see changes right away you can start a refresh in Power BI by clicking the ellipses beside the dataset, then clicking the refresh now icon.


The dataset will be added to your group's workspace if the SharePoint site you started from has a group association (like a modern team site). Otherwise, it will be added to your personal workspace. Any user can create a report based on an Excel or CSV file in Power BI for free, but to share the report with others you will need a Power BI Pro license. If the user creating the dataset already has a Power BI Pro license, they will be able to take full advantage of it.Visualize.PNG



If you are a first time Power BI user, you may find this page helpful for an introduction.


We will be gradually rolling this feature out to customers over the coming weeks and months, and as always listen to your feedback. We will make updates to this post as the feature rollout expands through our release process.

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Excellent, I image this feature on this morning.

This feature is available for some of our customers now who already use Power BI. We will start rolling it out generally over the coming weeks and months!



Are those customers (tenants) preferred that already use Power BI today? Would love to test this feature.. 


best regards,


Really need to start considering how updates to BI impacts existing users. I have had to rewrite numerous reports following upgrades to accommodate scehduled refreshes.

Support has been found wanting

Hi Richard, I'm a PM from the Power BI team. Would like to learn more about the issue you faced. Can you please explain the scenario in detail?   - Thanks, Soumya

Can we get the promised update on the roll out progress of this, please?

Yes, that's 5 months from the announcement and nothing happened.

Just wondering if there is a definitive timeline for this - keenly waiting for it to roll out :)

It's still listed as "Rolling Out" on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap site. Or is that what your emoticon is referencing?