The Microsoft Purview Information Protection Ninja Training is here!
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The Microsoft Purview Information Protection Ninja Training is here!


We are very excited and pleased to announce this rendition of the Ninja Training Series. With all the other training out there, our team has been working diligently to get this content out there. There are several videos and resources, and the overall purpose of the Microsoft Purview Information Protection (formerly Microsoft Information Protection-MIP) Ninja training is to help you master this realm. We aim to get you up-to-date links to the community blogs, training videos, Interactive Guides, learning paths, and any other relevant documentation. 


To make it easier for you to start and advance your knowledge gradually without throwing you in deep waters, we split content in each offering into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  


As a major change in this update, we are splitting the training into two trainings: Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention. Please find the Microsoft Purview DLP Ninja Training here.


In addition, after each section, there will be a knowledge check based on the training material you’d have just finished! Since there’s a lot of content, the goal of these knowledge checks is to help you determine if you were able to get a few of the major key takeaways.  


There’ll be a fun certificate issued at the end of the training: Disclaimer: This is NOT an official Microsoft certification and only acts as a way of recognizing your participation in this training content. 


Lastly, this training will be updated one to two times a year to ensure you all have the latest and greatest material! 


If there's any topic you'd like for us to include and/or have any thoughts on this training, please let us know what you think below in the comments!




Microsoft Documentation 










Scenario Based Demo (Video) 


Deployment Acceleration Guide


Microsoft Information Protection (old terminology for Microsoft Purview Information Protection)


Azure Information Protection 


Unified Labeling Client 


Sensitive Information Type 


Role-based access control 


Endpoint DLP 


Office 365 Message Encryption 


Exact Data Match 


Data Loss Prevention 


SharePoint Online 


Optical character recognition 


Microsoft Cloud App Security (old terminology for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps)


Trainable Classifiers 


OneDrive SharePoint 


Exchange Online 


Microsoft Purview Information Protection 


Microsoft Purview Information Protection is not a product - it's not the next generation of Azure Information Protection. It is a framework, a suite of products, that work together to provide visualization of sensitive data… lifecycle protection for data and data loss prevention. 


The foundation of Information Protection is the ability to classify data by our Data Classification Service, please see the below constellation and how other functionalities all work together.  


Major Image MIP.png






Beginner Training

  1. Public forums to contact the overall information protection team
  2. Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention Roadmap (S)
    • Please check out the above site on the latest items on our public roadmap.
  3. Introducing Microsoft Purview (V)
    • The above video gives you an overview of the Microsoft Purview name and components.
  4. What is Microsoft Purview Information Protection? (V)
    • The above video walks through a high-level overview of our Microsoft Purview Information Protection capability.
  5. Microsoft Purview Information Protection Overview (D) 
    • Check out our above documentation to get an overview of what MIP is and the different components intertwined. 
  6. Classify data using sensitive info types with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see how sensitive information types work and how to create a custom sensitive information type.
  7. Deployment Acceleration Guide (DAG)
    • This guide will help you accelerate MIP deployment and follow the crawl-walk-run methodology. 
  8. Microsoft Purview Information Protection Framework (D)
    • Check out the above documentation to see how Microsoft Purview Information Protection uses 3 pillars to deploy an information protection solution.
  9. Protect Data with Zero Trust (LP)
    • Zero Trust isn't a tool or product, it's an essential security strategy, with data at its core. Here, you'll learn how to identify and protect your data using a Zero Trust approach.
  10. Built-in labeling vs the AIP Unified Labeling Client (D)
    • Both the Azure Information Protection (AIP) unified labeling client and labels built into Office apps use sensitivity labels that make it easier for users to protect their data; this document walks through the differences.
  11. Microsoft Purview Information Protection support for PDF and GitHub (V) and Ignite Conversation (V)
    • The above videos walk through announcements regarding support for PDF and GitHub
  12. Adobe and Microsoft Purview Partnership (S)
    • The above Adobe site has different ways Adobe and Microsoft Purview work together
  13. Protect everything, everyone, everywhere with comprehensive security (V)
    • This video will share the latest announcements on Microsoft's product innovations across cloud security, DevSecOps, threat protection, identity governance, management, and information protection.
  14. Get started with discovering, protecting, and governing sensitive data (V)
    • The above Ignite video shows how we can help you get central visibility into and better manage your company’s sensitive data and ensure secure collaboration.

Beginner Knowledge Check


Intermediate Training

  1. AIP Unified Labeling Client is in Maintenance Mode (B)
    • The above blog walks through what is in maintenance mode and what that means for our customers.
  2. Identify Content Using Trainable Classifiers in Microsoft Purview Information Protection (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to walk through the steps in creating Trainable Classifiers to identify content.
  3. Identify Content Using Exact Data match-based classification in Microsoft Purview Information Protec...
    • Please use the above interactive guide to walk through the steps in using Exact data matching to identify content.
  4. Complete advanced labeling with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see the steps required for an auto-labeling policy.
  5. Monitor the use of sensitive information in your organization with Microsoft Purview Information Pro... (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see how to use Content Explorer and Activity Explorer.
  6. Create auto-labeling policies with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see how to auto-labeling policies behave in different workstreams.
  7. Create labels and label policies with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see how to label policies behave in different workstreams.
  8. End User Training for Sensitivity Labels (S)
    • The above training is provided to help educate end users during the adoption of sensitivity labels.
  9. Sites for testing documentation (S)
    • The above site details locations where you can get sample data.
  10. Different names to consider (D)
    • The above documentation goes through the different names for many of our solutions.

Intermediate Knowledge Check


Advanced Training

  1. Best Practices Guide (DAG)
    • The above best practices have proven to make deployment of information protection policies in many organizations easier, faster, and more successful.
  2. Deployment Testing Plan (DAG)
    • The above DAG walks through steps you can take to test your deployment.
  3. Azure Information Protection unified labeling scanner (SBD)
    • This episode will walk you through the Azure Information Protection (AIP) Scanner architecture, recommendation, installation and configuration.
  4. Configuring Exact Data Matching for Accurate Data Classification (P)
    • Check out the above PDF to get an understanding of how EDM works under the hood.
  5. Configuring Exact Data Matching for Accurate Data Classification, Part 2: Advanced Scenarios (V)
    • The above video walks you through advanced scenarios faced by customers and how to speak to those scenarios.
  6. Configuring Exact Data Matching (EDM) for Accurate Classification, Part 3: Addressing Challenging Re... (V)
    • The above video walks you through additional requirements that you can face in multiple environments.
  7. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps integration (D)
    • Please visit the above documentation to learn more about how Microsoft Purview Information Protection integrates with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  8. How to disable the Encrypt-Only feature in Outlook (D)
    • This above documentation describes how to disable the Encrypt-Only option in Outlook.
  9. Troubleshooting Guides (D)
  1. Microsoft Purview Information Protection with 3rd parties (V) and SDK Setup (D)
    • This video goes through our SDK offerings and the ability to apply MIP in third parties. 
  2. A simple approach to data protection (V)
    • The above Ignite video is an Ask the Experts session on data protection.


Advanced Knowledge Check


Once you’ve finished the training and the knowledge checks, please go to our attestation portal to generate your certificate; you'll see it in your inbox within 3-5 business days.


We hope you enjoy this training!


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