Ready to get started with Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance? Adopt with intent and quickly get to value
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What a week here at Ignite in Orlando. It has been great to connect and hear feedback directly from some of our best customers and partners. One theme that is clear is that organizations today are looking for more from each of their software solution providers. The cyber landscape and regulatory pressure require that organizations invest and maintain significant tools, process and people to ensure compliant, private and secure information technology practices are defined and followed. As Microsoft 365 expands its solutions beyond core productivity and collaboration scenarios, stakeholders and consumers of the suite of capabilities expand into departments like Human Resources, Risk & Compliance, Legal and Privacy.


With the investments in new solutions come adoption opportunities and engagement across the organization to drive alignment and consensus on process and tools. We have seen that it can take a village to successfully adopt compliance solutions across the enterprise, and we have heard from customers that they want our help getting started with our capabilities. In response, this year we are in the pilot phase of an adoption motion in partnership between the customer experience engineering team and the FastTrack incubation team. Reach out now to see if your organization is eligible.


Getting started with intelligent compliance and risk management solutions 


We have brought together the information protection and compliance solutions into four core scenarios based on customer feedback about top of mind solutions required to manage risk.


Information Protection and Governance


As announced Monday, the exciting new capabilities coming to Microsoft Information Protection and Governance help protect and govern and data across the digital estate. Data protection is critical to business continuity and regulatory compliance, and the tools integrated into Microsoft 365 now provide a more comprehensive solution across your data locations.


Getting started with sensitivity and retention labels, policies and solutions like records management can be as simple as setting a retention policy, auto-classifying your sensitive data and putting it on a retention or deletion schedule. We have seen customers drive down risk and retire out of date solutions on a massive scale using the best in suite protection and governance capabilities in Microsoft 365. Read more about how to get started now in this post from one of the E5 Compliance adoption SMEs, Owen Allen.


Insider Risk Management


What we hear more than ever before in the news, in our executive briefing center and in our own hallways is the risks of insiders. In partnership with our own internal security team we have worked to develop a specific solution to help address this core risk in today’s workplace.


The new Insider Risk solution is designed to understand activity over time, and identify and quantify risks and enable remediation and further action as necessary. This new solution compliments the communications compliance capability that provides real-time monitoring capabilities for corporate policies, risk management and HR violations.


Customers have quickly realized value with easy-on policies with no end user impact, while reducing the proliferation of custom tools and scenario specific projects spanning multiple teams. Read more about how to get started now in this post from one of the E5 Compliance adoption SMEs, Erica Toelle.


Discover & Respond


Monday’s announcements on the latest updates to Advanced eDiscovery show how this has been an exciting time period for customer growth and adoption of the new Advanced eDiscovery solution and anticipation for new advanced audit capabilities to expand retention duration and signal depth. Customers have seen the potential in the new solutions and are actively adopting for scenarios like internal investigations and early case assessment.


With built-in tools enabling organizations to keep more data in place, the reduction in risk and cost is proving to provide a compelling advantage over existing solutions and processes. Read more about how to get started now in this post from one of the E5 Compliance adoption SMEs, Pepo Heraud.


Compliance Management


The rate of change and complexity of the regulatory landscape is greater than ever, and we hear customers asking for prescriptive guidance on how to reduce organizational risk. The compliance score announcement earlier this week shows how Microsoft 365 is committed to providing partnership in addressing this challenge. Use the score to quickly assess your posture as related to the potential compliance controls and get started more quickly with your compliance journey in the Microsoft cloud.


Read more about how to get started now in this post from one of the E5 Compliance adoption SMEs, Julie McCoy.


E5 Compliance adoption motion overview


Today we are in pilot phase of the E5 Compliance deployment and adoption program in partnership across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft FastTrack. We have kicked off this pilot to help E5 Compliance customers more quickly realize value from their investments across information protection and compliance. Quickly getting eligible customers up and running on Communications Compliance, know your data, and compliance score help drive speed to value and reduce hurdles in adoption.


Your next steps

Eligible organizations own E5 Compliance, Advanced Compliance or Microsoft 365 E5, and have intent to deploy at least one E5 Compliance workload (Microsoft Information Protection, Information Governance, Records Management, Communications Compliance, Advanced eDiscovery).


Is your organization ready to get started with E5 Compliance? Get in touch now to see if you qualify for our pilot compliance adoption programs

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