Microsoft 365 Information Protection and Compliance Deployment Acceleration Guides

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 The guides can be used both independently, but we recommend using all the solutions together for your deployment needs. We are not recommending one solution be implemented before another but have included information in each guide to tie all the solutions together with features to consider during your implementation. The guide covers current released feature as of today and will be updated once additional features progress from beta, or private preview to general availability.

In summary, the deployment guides will help to
One Compliance Story covering how to each solution features complement each.
Best Practices based on the CxE teams experience with customer roadblocks.
Considerations to take and research before starting your deployment.
Help Resources links to additional readings and topics to gain a deeper understanding.
Appendix for additional information on licensing.


We have included 5 Zip files. One with all four guides, and separate Zips for each.


We have relocated the guides to The articles are updated monthly with ability to search and cross reference.


This documentation was written by the global CxE team, thank you all for your hard work to produce the documents. 


If you have any questions on the guides or suggestions, please reach out to our Yammer group at


Thank you @Randall_Galloway for Sharing those deployment Acceleration Guides with the Community :cool:

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Really useful information.  Too many people are ready to jump in and "do".  There is a lot more planning and business engagement to be done before IT touches one setting.

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Thanks really usefull in these times Thanks for sharing 

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Hello, thank you for the great, document, content and knowledge ;)


FYI, Page 23 of the MIG+RM guides, under licensing requirements, it seems that the G series of licenses might have an error - should only the first line should say G5, and the next two lines G3? (at the time of writing, all three lines say G5).


Currently in the list:


• Microsoft 365 G5 subscription
• Microsoft 365 G5 subscription + the Microsoft 365 G5 Compliance add-on
• Microsoft 365 G5 subscription + the Microsoft 365 G5 Information Protection & Governance add-on

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Why does the MIP +RM guide recommend publishing a retention label to all locations when starting simple? I would expect that starting with a small set of users and locations would be more appropriate when starting out. What am I missing?

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@Randall_Galloway The Information Governance (MIG) section seems like a repeat of the Retention Policies section which is confusing.  I think that it would be helpful to align the document sections with the solutions, this could be accomplished by eliminating the separate Retention policies section and incorporating that content within the Information Governance section (which is the actual name of the solution). 

@Dean Gross -thank you for your feedback. I will incorporate in the next release of DAG 2.0.

Please visit to review the most up to date DAG with search options for cross referencing.

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