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Want to help defend the world against cyber attacks? We want you to influence our designs, plans, and guidance so we can have a global impact together. That's why we need your participation in our security community. Please join our email list to be notified about the upcoming webinars, events, and other announcements.


Upcoming Webinars


DEC 6 Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Keep Calm and Deploy Defender for Servers

Microsoft Defender for Servers is Microsoft’s holistic server protection solution that integrates with a variety of other services. In this webinar, we will dive deep into Microsoft Defender for Servers plans benefits, vulnerability assessment capabilities, integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, agentless scanning for virtual machines, and provide answers to a variety of frequently asked questions that have been raised in our recent Demystifying Defender for Servers webinar.

DEC 7 Microsoft Security Public Community | Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Informed by over 43 trillion daily security signals and observations from our security and threat intelligence experts, our Microsoft Digital Defense Report presents data and insights about the current state of cybercrime, nation state threats, cyber influence operations, and more. In this webinar Tom Burt will walk us through the new 2022 report and provide some of his own insights into "what we’re seeing."


DEC 8 Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Secure your Containers from Build to Runtime

Learn about the common security challenges and attack vectors in containerized environments, best security practices, and how Microsoft Defender for Containers can help you achieve container security.

DEC 13 Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Protect your Cloud Workloads with Microsoft Defender for Cloud: A Cloud Native Application Protectio...

In this session, we will showcase how Defender for Cloud now aligns with CNAPP market trends. More details TBA.

DEC 15 Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Entra | Prevent Permissions Sprawl in Multicloud with Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Permissions Managemen...

Overview and demonstration of Entra Permission Management. Showing how customer can leverage Entra Permission Management’s capabilities to learn about their identity permissions across multi-cloud, how to reduce permission creep and discuss how Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration with permissions management helps organizations with multicloud estates.


JAN 18 Microsoft Defender for Cloud | A Day In the Life Series with Microsoft Defender for Cloud

We heard from you that you would like to hear more about how different personas interact and use Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Join us for a unique webinar, where we give you a hands-on approach on different personas that work with Defender for Cloud on a regular basis. The main personas we cover in this webinar are SOC Engineer, Analyst, Workload Owner and Security Decision Maker.


JAN 24 Azure Network Security | Private Link Integration with Azure Firewall

In this webinar we will look at Private Link integration with Azure Firewall. Azure Private Link provides private connectivity from a virtual network to Azure platform as a service (PaaS), customer-owned, or Microsoft partner services. Azure Firewall is an Azure platform managed firewall service that provides comprehensive threat protection, network filtering, TLS inspection amongst other network security services. We shall look at the benefits of this integration and how Azure firewall can inspect and protect your Private Endpoints.


JAN 25 Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Code to Cloud Security using Microsoft Defender for DevOps

In this session, we will see how Microsoft Defender for DevOps helps security team to get a comprehensive view of their Source code Management platforms. Within Microsoft Defender for Cloud, they can get a list of every secret, vulnerability and misconfiguration found on their environments, alongside query the newly released Cloud Security Explorer, they can identify and prioritize their most vulnerable and critical repositories and remediate them. 


JAN 26 Microsoft Defender for IoT | Azure Manager Secure Connectivity and Advantages

Microsoft Defender for IoT sensors are deployed on-premises to monitor your OT networks. In this session we will overview the security advantages of managing these sensors via the Azure portal.


JAN 31 Microsoft Defender for Cloud | What's New in the Last 3 Months

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is in active development and receives improvements on an ongoing basis. In this session we will summarize and demo what we've released for Microsoft Defender for Cloud in the last 3 months that you need to know about!


FEB 16 Azure Network Security | Azure Firewall SKUs - Basic vs Standard vs Premium

In this exciting webinar, we shall look at the features, benefits and use cases for each Azure Firewall SKU. We shall look at the deployment options for each SKU and how organizations can leverage the Azure Firewall features to protect their Azure digital assets.


MAR 16 Azure Network Security | Multi-cloud: Protecting GCP and AWS Applications with Azure WAF

This webinar will focus on multi-cloud protections using Azure Web Application Firewall. Join us to learn the features and protection capabilities of Azure Web Application Firewall and how they can be leveraged to protect application services running in third party cloud platforms; specifically on AWS and GCP.




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