End User Training for Sensitivity Labels in M365 – How to Accelerate Your Adoption
Published Oct 06 2020 12:28 PM 15.9K Views

It covers training to help educate and learn how to apply labels to items. It walks through the different types of sensitivity and shows examples of when to apply labels to documents.


Please note that 'Munson's Pickles and Preserves Farm' is a fictitious company name and angle brackets "<>" with RED text enable the training to be updated for deployment, adoption and education for each industry or regulatory compliance.

In summary, this training will help to
➢ Drive adoption &awareness for organizational change of using sensitivity labels
➢ Understand the need for classification and protection of documents.
➢ Develop an awareness for regulatory compliance of documents.
➢ Ensure a consistent knowledge of sensitivity labels.
➢ Find resources to support the implementation of sensitivity labels.


Zip file contain all files is attached to this blog post. 

This document was written by Randall Galloway, a member of the MIP & Compliance CxE team. 

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