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@ColbyBoone can Microsoft provide updated script that accomplishes the same thing from here: How to use mailbox audit logs in Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn This script is so useful and been using it for years.
Turning on the UAL is an exam question on at least 3 different MS exams. At this point it's part of the curriculum. They could change it, but people not knowing, didn't do their studies.
@tkatsapas - Care to elaborate a bit more on finding the value needed on the actual logon page? I'm struggling to find it using the dev tools. Thanks!
@ColbyBoone - does that mean everyone without E3/E5 has to explicitly turn the UAL on? MS should run some stats on what % of tenants do not have UAL turned on and understand the vast majority of SMBs do not administer their own tenants and only have defaults configured. Some transparency on which li...
@BEC4n6 Thank you for your comment and highlighting ways to improve the customer experience. Unified Audit is enabled by default for E3 and E5 tenants which represents a significant portion. While evaluating the above comment in the meantime of future improvements if a customer does not have auditin...