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Since no one answered the question, I've been able to change the 3 Premium templates on my M365 E5 subscription anytime I want. If you just go into the Compliance Manager interface, you can see that it has a "counter" for the number of Premium templates available for use at no cost. It shows "3" ini...
Hi @fkhancyber, thanks for your feedback. While we're exploring other product options to organize our public content, you can check our YouTube channel, where the products are broken down by playlists, it also includes dates. For your convenience, this channel is also listed on our main blog page ht...
@brock1825 can you please confirm that the license assigned to an employee's general user account is sufficient for using PIM when that person has another account that is used to access customer's environments via Lighthouse. i.e., we don't have to buy another license for the person. Thanks
Microsoft Security Team is simply the best. Security and cybersecurity are always evolved and complex subject to work with. The more customers are familiar with your security solution, the better we are. As we enter 2024, it is perfect time to refresh and update. Kudos.
We don't have the option; does anyone know why? Our region is in Germany.