Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for April 2019

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The Documentation for Azure Information Protection been updated on the web and the latest content has an April 2019 (or later) date at the top of the article.


It's been a very eventful month as April saw the general availability releases of both the Azure Information Protection client, and the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client. We realize having two clients, having to choose between them, and finding the right documentation for each makes things a bit challenging. So as well as new documentation for the unified labeling client (a new user guide and admin guide), we've added a new FAQ to explain how they are different, in addition to the existing documentation that helps you choose between them. Then, for documentation that applies to just one of the clients, we've add into the header at the top of the page "Instructions for:" and the name of the client, with a link back to the FAQ.


We've had a lot of feedback about the unified labeling client for this first GA release - head over to our Yammer site to join in the discussions.


We listen to your feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible. Let me know if you have feedback about the technical documentation for Azure Information Protection! 


What's new in the documentation for Azure Information Protection, April 2019


Quickstart: Get started with Azure Information Protection in the Azure portal

- Updated for the new option to generate default labels, which you now see if you don't have any labels.


Quickstart: Find what sensitive information you have in files stored on-premises

- Updated for the latest version of the scanner, which uses the Azure portal for configuration instead of PowerShell cmdlets that were used by previous versions. 


Tutorial: Configure Azure Information Protection to control oversharing of information using Outlook

- New tutorial that steps you through configuring the advanced client settings in the latest version of the Azure Information Protection client, that can warn, justify, and block messages in Outlook that could stop users from oversharing. Even if you haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, or aren't ready to try out the configuration yourself, you might find it helpful to look at the screenshots in this tutorial that shows the user experience and example entries in the Windows event log.


Planning and implementing your Azure Information Protection tenant key

- Updated the Azure PowerShell commands for the new Az module for Azure PowerShell. Similar updates are also made in the migration instructions for AD RMS.


How to migrate Azure Information Protection labels to Office 365 sensitivity labels

- Updated the supported admin roles to include the Compliance administrator role and the recommendation that you don't use the Security administrator role to migrate your labels if you have retention labels for Office 365.


Deploying the Azure Information Protection scanner to automatically classify and protect files

- Updated throughout for the latest version of the client. The information in this article was previously in a preview article that has now been removed. If you are running an older version of the scanner that still uses PowerShell commands for configuration, those instructions are still available in Deploying previous versions of the Azure Information Protection scanner to automatically classify an....


Central reporting for Azure Information Protection

- Updated for the latest client versions, with a new section, Features that require a minimum version of the client. In addition, this article includes updates for supporting endpoint discovery, and how to use the new friendly schema for custom queries and reports.


The client side of Azure Information Protection

- Updates throughout now that the two clients are generally available (GA), with an example deployment strategy if you need features from both clients for your organization.


Azure Information Protection unified labeling client for Windows

- New section to group together the version history, admin guide, and user guide for the unified labeling client.

Azure Information Protection client: Version release history and support policy

- Update for the new GA release: Version


Admin Guide: Custom configurations for the Azure Information Protection client

- Updated the section Implement pop-up messages in Outlook that warn, justify, or block emails being sent: The advanced client setting of  OutlookCollaborationTrustedDomains from the preview version of the client is now replaced by three new settings, so that domains can be exempt per action: OutlookWarnTrustedDomains, OutlookJustifyTrustedDomains, and OutlookBlockTrustedDomains.


Frequently asked questions for Azure Information Protection

- New entry: What's the difference between the Azure Information Protection client and the Azure Information Prot...


Information and support for Azure Information Protection

- Updated the Information about new releases and updates section with a link to the official roadmap. 


PowerShell module: AzureInformationProtection

- Updated throughout for the GA versions of the clients.


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