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I have a SharePoint document library with bunch of folders (custom content type), which belong to one employee each (mandatory input person/group column named "Employee"). I want to create flow so that every time someone crates or uploads a file to that folder, email notification goes to the person who is defined in the "employee" field. 

"Send a customized email when a new file is added" template could work, but how to I create dynamic input that will extract value of custom column? Or maybe there is a  better way by setting up ownership of each folder?
Any suggestions?

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Hi @btasevski,


This is possible in Flow. High-level steps:

  • create new Automated flow
  • use the SharePoint - "When a file is created" trigger
  • add Outlook - "Send an email" action
    • use value from "employee" column in the  "To" field

If the employee column is populated manually you should add a Condition action to check for nulls.


I hope this helps.



Hi @Norman Young,


Thank you, it did help, for the most parts.