You are not authorized to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account

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Hi guys,


I created a form where users can enter data. Based on the form a flow is generated which should (besides other things) send out an email to a fixed e-mail address.


I´m getting the Response details from the form and receive the "Responders Email"


When I create the email I use "Responder´s Email" as "from" but then the system generates the above error.


When I leave the "from" empty, then the sender is always me (as the creator of the form).


I also tried to get the mail-adress of the user via get user details (v2) and use that one as "from" but same error.


So far my googling has not been successful so I hope someone can help me her.





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@Droggelbecher You can't use another user's email in the send as using send an email (v2) unless your company has very unwisely given you send permission on everyone else's account. You will either need to 1) use the send an email from a shared mailbox to which you have send privileges, or 2) create the flow using a service account that has an email address to which you have send privileges, or 3) accept that the email will come from you. 


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Hi @rob,

I think I phrased it wrongly.
I want the user who enters the form to send the email automatically.

So if you fill out the form, an email should be sent from your email-address to HR.

If I fill it out, the email will be generated by myself.

Does that make sense?


@Droggelbecher what you want to do is not possible unless you build the form in Power Apps.  In that case the email will use the connection of the person who clicks the "send email" button so it will go from them.

Another possibility is to run the email connector using a special service account that would be created for your purpose. The service account would be the creator of the email. Inside the connector, there will be a place to configure the reply-to address. Put the address of the sender in that blank. It won't be quite as good as what you want, but replies will be directed to the person sending the mail, which might be what you need.