Why another community link for power users?

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Why is this Community https://powerusers.microsoft.com not integrated in the forums? 

It is like not all information is centralized in the techcommunity.


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Yeap, that's the reality...too many communities over there so you have to choose which one you are going to follow more frequently

I asked this same question months ago and never got an answer. The worst part, is that even though both forums are based on the same software (Lithium),  the other one is MUCH easier to use than this one


@Michael Holste or @Anna Chu, can either of you provide an explanation?

Hi @Dean Gross - simply put, the Power BI community was off and running before we started planning for the Microsoft Tech Community.  It will continue to operate as a separate community as it has slightly different goals than the Microsoft Tech Community.  The Power BI community offers technical support for Power BI users and the Microsoft Tech Community does not.  For technical support we refer people to answers.microsoft.com or support.office.com.


Do we see a future where the two communities operate as one?  Possibly yes but I cannot confirm anything right now.

PowerBI is just one of the 4 apps covered by the powerusers community. What about PowerApps, Flow and Stream, none of them were in production when this community was created.

Given the better usability. the ready access from the apps and the fact that people from MS are frequently present in the PowerUsers communities, i would vote to close the duplicate spaces in this community and refer people to the other, more established forums.

Hey Dean, 


Simply put, these communities serve different purposes. The Power Users communities are support based communities that work on a different charter under their engineering team. There could be a day when these communities come together, but right now, they serve different functions. 


The usability part might be a matter of personal opinion, as they are actually undergoing a large redesign as well to improve in this area. Our community is also quite a bit larger in scope, scale, and community size. Thanks for the feedback!