Which users need a PowerApps P2 License

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we want to organize our PowerApps and Flows with the help of solutions:



Currently I'm not sure if only the developer need a P2 Plan or if everyone who uses an App which is organized in solutions needs a P2 Plan (or a P1 Plan?). Has anyone details on this?


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Hi @Markus Ihloff 


I'd say the developer needs P2 as the actions will be executed from the account that the flow is created in.


I've noticed with things that I create that when other users are doing something, my name is used for emails, etc as I am the developer.


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@Damien Rosario Thank you for your feedback. I'll just start with this, if I have any updates on this I'll update this post.

@Markus Ihloffgo to https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/#compare-plans and download the licensing guide it will answer all your questions like this