When the toggle button is selected, the drop-down menu is set to another drop-down value

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Hello, I would like to see if I can use a toggle button to take the value from a drop-down menu item and put it in another drop-down menu item.


So they say YES there will NOT be a replacement manager and so the Replacement Manager field will be blank, the system is looking for text so I thought I could put the information from the Manager Name field in as that field will always have information.  


I am trying the OnSelect on the toggle button:

// false
If(NoReplacementManagerRequiredDataCardValue.Value = true, ReplacementManagerDataCardValue = ManagerNameDataCardValue, ReplacementManagerDataCardValue = ManagerNameDataCardValue)

It is obviously not working.








I tried to go to put this value in and it works, yet I think it will be misleading if I put in the manager and not the replacement manager, or if they both are the same.



Thank you.

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@Matthew Carter hopefully you can make some use out of the quick example I've done below which is demonstrated on the attached video.



The text input txtSearchManager and dropdown ddRM are grouped and the display mode for the group is set to If(togRM.Value=false,Disabled,Edit)


The default property of the label dataRM is set to



So if the toggle is off it will display the name from the lblManager field, i.e the current manager, otherwise it will display the name selected from the dropdown.


If the toggle is set to Yes the text input and dropdown become available. The user starts to enter the email address of the replacement manager which filters the dropdown - necessary in my case as I have over 50000 names.


On the toggle set the OnSelect property to Reset(txtSearchManager); Reset(ddRM) to reset the txtSearchManager text input and DDRM dropdown.


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