When item is modified not checking/including all fields

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Hi, I'm using the template 'When an item or a file is modified' and using this to trigger an email.


Essentially this is for when our admin staff review items in a SharePoint List - they make a few changes (who it is assigned to, status, agreed delivery date, comments).


The idea is that whenever any of the above are changed, an email will get sent to the requestor, with the updated fields included.


My flow is as below:





So I'm checking if 4x columns have changed. If so, trigger an email with a summary of the latest updates on each.


My problem:

This half works at the moment. So if the first item (Status) is amended, this is reflected in the output email.

However, if first item (Status) plus any other item (Assigned To) is amended, only the Status update is included in the output email (the other changes are not included).


Any help much appreciated.

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