Using Power Apps to update a 3-dimensional Excel table (excuse amateurish description)

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Hello - I'm a newbie to this - have done a couple of simple Power Apps to update a simple table and add new rows etc. I have a table that calculates productivity efficiency (see simplified example below). 


(File also attached)


The intention is to have an app that allows the collection of the data shown in yellow. To be explicit, the aim is to add, for example, the next day's data in columns R through V by collecting the 9 items of variable data and to repeat this each day in the future (the white cells are calculated).


I realise that Power Apps needs to address a named table in Excel so I may be asking the impossible due to the multi-dimensional nature of the data but I thought I'd ask if anyone has any suggestions. 


Also, you will see in the attached file that there is a 2nd worksheet where I have attempted to capture the data in a simpler table and transpose it using =INDEX but it's still difficult to automate getting the data into the required format (filling the necessary columns with the date heading). I know that last bit is more an Excel question rather than a Power Apps question but I include it for completeness...






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