Using Flow to replicate now-missing "Send To" document publishing function

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In SP2010, we had a number of sites where at the top level, there was a library available to a wide audience (e.g.: "Faculty Documents" or "Student Documents"). This library was basically a publishing location, but the source documents were created & maintained in another library (usually in a subsite). When a document was ready to be published, we used the "Send To" function to create a copy in the publishing library that was linked to the source document. That way, when the source file was updated, it was easy to "push" the update to the existing copies. 


Unfortunately, that Send To function is not available in "Modern" libraries. There is a "Copy To" function, but it creates a separate copy of the file with no linkage back to the original (and therefore no means of synchronizing or publishing updates from the source to destination). 


I'm wondering if anyone else has tried using Flow to replicate that function. For a file that might be published to just one destination, it seems pretty doable. Just add a column to the library for "Destination Library" so the Flow would know where to go to update/replace the file when it was run. Maybe even incorporate an approval step so a department manager would need to review and OK the update? It wouldn't scale to work with multiple destinations (for the same source document), but I could live with that.

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Yep...this is something that you can definitively do with Flow and we have implemented similar scenarios to some of our customers

Any chance you could share some details on how you accomplished this? Even a screenshot of the Flow you used would be helpful.