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Is it possible to use lists from different sites in one app?


In my case I have a list on a parent site from wich I try to fetch into my list but I keep getting error.


Thanks in advanced

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@Odd Arne Nohr 


I wish you had received a reply... I am trying to convert an InfoPath Form to a PowerApp form


The InfoPath form had several Selection Lists Dropdown values hardcoded w/in the infopath form.  


The new solution will need to have Defined Lists in SharePoint



Request Types



The Sites using the infopath form have been migrated to SPO and have a Parent Site

(Sales) and several subsites.

(Beverage Sales)

(Industrial Sales)

(Sample Sales)



My question is,,- should i create all of the DropDown Selection Lists/Tables on the parent site, or create them in each of the subsites?

 The selection will be unique for each of the subsites (ie each subsite does not need to see the full list, they only need to see their dept specific values)


What I am envisioning, are tables/lists on the Parent Site that have the subsite information and only 1 master list/table needs to be updated


drilling down to each subsite to see their specific lists