Use Flow to post O365 Admin Center messages to Teams?

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Is there a way I can get the incident and advisory notifications from the O365 Admin Center to post a message to Teams using Flow?  I am new to Flow and didn't see any connectors to the Admin Center in there, but I am not sure if I'm looking in the right place.



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I wouldn't think that's possible, as the Admin Center requires you to be some form of admin, and Teams doesn't know whether you are an admin and whether you should see the content or not.
If you want notifications from the O365 Admin Center then I'd suggest installing the mobile admin app as that sends push notifications.
I think it's possible, but you will need to dig into how to call the Microsoft Graph from Flow...but certainly it's possible to get information from the Message Center using the Graph and it's possible to integrate Graph in your Flows. Some examples of both ideas:

There is a new role now - Message Center Reader - that would make access to the Message Center a bit easier. I would also like to see a connector to Flow!

That was a great blog-post! We will try that one out! Thanks!

@some guy This is an old post, but hopefully this solution will still be helpful to some. 


No flow is needed to get O365 Admin Center messages or service health notifications to post in Teams. First ensure your admin account has the Service Support Administrator role. Then, in the message and/or service health preferences section, select to send notifications by email and modify the email address to the email address of the Teams channel of your choice.