URLs to a specific location in a SharePoint item, in a document or pdf of several pages?

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(1) URLs to a specific location/destination (not just file but a location in a file as in a pdf destination)  in a SharePoint item, in a document or pdf of several pages- does SharePoint support this? If so any information about same would be sincerely appreciated. It would be awesome to be able to tag these locations in these documents and as the documents may move the tag location gets updated if possible (am I dreaming?). Just an inquiry. Any other office application such as Sway that can take care of this?

(2) Otherwise (if there is no work around)  the option I have is to create a "Destination" in a pdf document and add this Destination name to the URL of the PDF as authored here by Adobe itself:

https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/link-html-pdf-page-acrobat.html(Look at the last paragraph "to a set destination".)

Is there anyway to export the list of these "Destinations" to automatically attach to the URL and go into a LIST in SharePoint?


There is a single user Adobe Plug in for $269 that exports the Destination list to Excel,  then in this Excel I could add a formula to add the URL to the Destination list to build URL List for the selections, then import into Access and import into a SharePoint List.

Though plug in also describes Autobookmarks. Quote below from


"Creating and Managing PDF Destinations :A destination is the end point of a link or a bookmark in a PDF document. It is represented by text in the "Destinations" pane of Adobe® Acrobat®. Destinations allows setting navigational paths across a collection of PDF documents. Using named destinations is recommended when linking across multiple documents, because unlike linking to a page, linking to a destination is not affected by page addition or deletion in a single document. AutoBookmark™ Named destinations can also be used to open a PDF document from HTML script "href" tag at a desired place. Manually creating named destinations is a time consuming and tedious task. The AutoBookmark™ set of functions helps to solve this problem quickly and efficiently"


Any advise on how to automate this process - workflow generation that once a Destination is updated in a PDF file on SharePoint and it syncs with SharePoint online from the local drive One Drive Sync, the list of these Destinations with URL of the document gets updated in a List. ( From Dream to Workflow). Or creating a console link with a code embedded there in. Powershell script?

Any other solution to avoid EverMap and keep it native to SharePoint only would be very helpful.

Any thoughts on this conversation would be helpful.

Thank you for your interest and participation.




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