Update an existing Sharepoint List Item using Power Apps / Power Automate

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Good morning


I have an Power App which creates a list item


The plan is that the user of the app will go back into the app and using Pen Input will sign off the entry and then submit, updating the original Sharepoint List item with a copy of the signature.


I am assuming that I will carry out this update in Power Automate, however how can I tell Power Automate which item to update (ItemID?) 


How do I set this variable and send to power automate so that I can then get Item and update? 

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@MarkW439 just a question but is it really necessary for you to have the user go back into a form they've just submitted and update it with their signature? If i was doing this I would aim to have the signature field in the original form that creates the list item so that it's all done at the same time; it's a slightly better user experience.


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It's for a site sign off - The user will fill the form, and then the client and him/her will sign - If only it could all be done in one submit, but unfortunately, it is unlikely it would happen in one process - I know I did not mention the client sign off in original message, however I would adopt the same solution for both