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Hi - Wondering if someone can help me!  I have created an MS form which will be completed by a number of different individuals outside our organisation.  Dependent on how it has been completed means it needs to be forwarded to the right person (which can differ) for approval.   I have therefore used power automate and built in an email option with voting buttons for the different people to approve as appropriate.  The thing I'm struggling with is how to get the email address of the individuals who need to provide approval into the email?  Clearly within dynamic content it is only picking up the name of the individual because I can't put the email address in the form.

Is there a condition I can build into power automate to enable me to populate this?

I'm hoping this makes sense to someone!!

Thank you :)

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Could you create a SharePoint list to store the approvers?  Then in the Power Automate, lookup the approvers (from SP) based on your conditions. That may be the easiest to implement and maintain. Otherwise, how are you determining the approver?

Thank you @jefmeyer 


I hadn't thought of doing it like this.  So, I create the list of approvers within SharePoint and then somehow within the flow I've created I add this in? (not done this before!).  

@wilson1231805 - Yes, correct.  You'll need at least two columns in the list: 1) for looking up the approvers. 2) Approvers column.  You can then use the Get Items (SharePoint connector) to retrieve the approver from the list.  This approach will return a collection and when trying to access the result (this throws people sometimes).  It should look something like this;  


The other approach to retrieve the data would be the "Send an HTTP Request", but this is a bit more effort to implement.  It's more efficient, but a little harder to implement.  It should look something like this:


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